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This category really does cover everything. From Fetish Soc to Harry Potter Muggle Soc (not at the same time mind...) these societies are unlikely to leave you bored.

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This category really does cover everything from DoE to Guiding, fetishs to Harry Potter these societies will not leave you bored. They're a great way to not only meet new people but do something different. By joining one of these societies you'll certainly be embracing some of the more unique aspects of Uni life. With the chance to enjoy cocktails, games nights, fashion shows, hacking events, hitchhiking and medieval history what's not to like? In addition to this York also boasts a strong LGBTQ society which hosts weekly socials to Tru, York's gay nightclub.

Anime And Manga Society
Anime and Manga are styles of animation originally from Japan, but unlike "regular" cartoons there are often adult themes. Being a member has its perks - you gain access to a manga library of over 200 titles, and earn discount at Blackwells, the University book store, on purchases of anime. The society meets every week in Derwent to watch the latest and greatest in Japanese animation.

York University Cocktail Society
Calling those that love a good cocktail! This society does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak) - they run regular bar crawls and mixing sessions throughout the term. Members enjoy special discounts and deals, but be warned that this isn't a cheap society to be a member of!

The Doctor Who Society
Calling all Dr Who fans and aficionado: this is the society for you. Offering a friendly and informal attitude, this is the society for all the Doctor fans coming to York.

DougSoc is for those who consider themselves different to everyone else. DougSoc only has one aim - to have fun, be it through picnics, game nights, or of course battles between the forces of good and evil. If no other societies sound like they're for you, and you want somewhere to meet new people, then DougSoc may be for you.

CockSoc can't bring you the sun-soaked Caribbean beach, but they can guide you through the best of York's cocktail bars; Credit: joz007
CockSoc can't bring you the sun-soaked Caribbean beach, but they can guide you through the best of York's cocktail bars; Credit: joz007

Fashion Society
The Fashion Society aims to promote a range of styles by running fashion centred events and offering exclusive privilege's for members to enjoy. All students are welcome, whether it's those who are interested in following fashion, or those who are setting the trend. Last year they ran the very successful FashionFest which involved catwalk shows, live music and stalls - you can read the Nouse review here.

Fashion Soc organised FashionFest in the centre of campus in the summer term
Fashion Soc organised FashionFest in the centre of campus in the summer term

Fetish Society (FetSoc)
Causing some controversy with its ratification last year, FetSoc seeks to primarily promote safety and education for all BDSM and fetish members. Members can participate in workshops and learn how and where to safely network within York.

Film Making Society
Film Making Society aim to make 10-20 short films a year and to provide film making experience to students.

HackSoc is for anyone out there who finds technology endlessly fascinating. Maybe you've spent the summer reprogramming your phone, building a processor, or designing a virtual reality. If so, this is the society for you, and all your technological interests.

HP Muggle Soc
HP Muggle Soc, now entering its fourth year and continuing to grow, is a dynamic and fun society to get involved with. Putting on events such as games of Quidditch (yes, really) and trips to see Harry Potter related events, their socials are also ones to attend.

LGBTQ Social
LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) Social is the only society on campus directed towards LGBT students. They are an active society, holding two socials a week. On Thursdays, they do quizzes, cheese and wine, and bar crawls in York and other cities. On Sundays, they organise bar crawls which end up in Tru - Sunday night in Tru is York's only gay club night.

Medieval Society
This society is nuts about history, especially the Medieval times. They are dedicated to the re-enactment of medieval activities, such as fighting, costuming and dancing. The society also holds events combat training and medieval themed socials. All in all, the society has a bit of fun, imagining they lived in times of yore, drinking mead and fighting each other to the death, almost.

Pokemon Society
You won't be surprised to hear that Pokemon Soc spend their time playing games of the card game favoured by our ten-year-old selves and watching films. They say all levels of fandom are welcome, whether you're a competitive player (extraordinarily they have the 2012 UK Champion in the society) or have just a patchy memory from your GameBoy colour days then you're welcome. Previous tournaments they've done previously include a Stadium rental cup, Trading Card Game with learn-to-play, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. They're planning a trip to Nationals this coming Summer as well as gaming tutorials.

Quite Interesting Society
Quite Interesting Society is mainly an appreciation society of the BBC 2 hit show, QI, however anyone with an interesting in trivia or comedy can join. The society organises speaker events and trips, including trips to watch QI being filmed live. If you're not up for that though, you can simply join the rest of the group and watch each and every episode on television in the comfort of a JCR.

Real Ale Society
Every student's favourite society, Real Ale society is dedicated to the enjoyment of real ale. The society makes trips to pubs with real ale as well as real ale festivals so they can indulge their passion of real ale. They also have the hard job of "pub testing" and beer tasting, involving visiting establishments in, around and out of York.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
If you're interested in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, then this is the society for you. The society is for those that are fans of both film and literature Sci-Fi and want to discuss the topic with other fans. Members can also be passionate about fantasy role playing though, both tabletop and live action, as well as board games and war gaming. They also organise society meals and days out, as well as trips to relevant films at the cinema and conventions.

Scouting and Girl Guiding at Yor (SAGGY)
Perhaps slightly unfortunately named, this society is for prospective and current girl guides and members The Scout Assosiation! The latter has over 600,000 members in the UK. It's a continuation of the traditional girl guides activities, but from a university perspective - with all the traditions that go with it, volunteering, caving, hiking, and of course drinking.

Scoop Student Co-operative
Scoop is a student co-operative (run by its members) which provides organic, exploitation-free, and local produce at affordable prices. You can buy produce and order vegetable boxes from Wentworth W/021 on Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-6pm, and at the Good Food Market every 2nd Friday of the month during term time, held in Market Square.

Skeptic Society
Skeptic Soc believe that all claims should be equally subject to inquiry, and intend to provide a forum for this. They promote evidence-based policy-making and campaign for this. They hold weekly meetings that take the format of talks, presentations and discussions, and every last Monday of the month they go to Skeptics in the Pub.

A shot from York Carnival last year - the town works closely with Carnival Soc (below).
A shot from York Carnival last year - the town works closely with Carnival Soc (below).

York Carnival
York Carnival is one of the main links between the City of York itself and The University of York. The parade includes music and dance performances in the streets, celebrating the cultural diversity of the City. The carnival happens once a year, this year reaching crowds of over 5,000. The carnival is run by a committee of students all from York, so this would be a great way to get involved in one of the major events of the year.

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