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Societies Guide: Games & Activities

From sports and board games, to baking and star gazing, this category is a hotchpotch of things to get you active while you're at York.

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As well as including some sport this category contains lots of unique activities that you can participate in during your time at York. Dancesport, Pole exercising society and Aerobics society are among the more exercise based options offering a great way to become involved in keeping fit at a less competitive level. This category isn't just for sport fans however. There is an array of other activities including Hearts Society for those into card games and World Cinema Society for those who are interested in films from across the globe. Whether you want to get involved in a more active society like Haz Soc or just want to read a good book there is always something to be getting stuck into.

York Aerobics Society
University of York Aerobics Society caters for all levels of fitness. Classes happen at least once a week for small fee slightly more if you're not an annual member, which costs £7). They run regular socials and are a popular society which is getting bigger every year. Expect star-jumps and grapevines - and don't forget your water bottle!

Baking Society
The Baking Society is aimed to group up the students who are interested in baking or good at baking. We provide fun and enjoyable lessons, food and experience sharing to develop members' baking skill, as well as social events for members. You can also meet new friends who have the same interest as you here. The society is open to all level students, everyone is welcome to join.

York in the snow. Please note, there is no ice-skating society. Photo credit: Tom Witherow
York in the snow. Please note, there is no ice-skating society. Photo credit: Tom Witherow

Astronomy Society
Astronomy is open to those of you out there who want to look at and learn more about the stars, planets, nebulae, and all the other things up there in space. The society meets every Saturday at Goodricke Porters Lodge at 9pm before making their way to the campus observatory to stargaze.

Board Society
A relaxed group who enjoy skate boarding and long boarding. Although they do not offer formal lessons, they organise casual skating in and around York for those who want to take part.

Book Group
Like any reading group, Book Group Society is a group for people who like to read and then discuss what they've read with other people who have read the same book. Meeting are weekly, so this is a good group to expand your reading horizons.

Rotaract Society
Rotaract is an organisation for 18-30 year olds who are interested in helping their community and trying new activities. The society is specifically for York students and organises discussions and talks about the activities of the society, and information about how to get involved.

Chess Soc
Chess Soc makes playing chess even more fun than you could imagine. They host club nights once a week which are open to anyone, even complete beginners. Even if you consider yourself a grand master, the more experienced players still might be able to teach you a thing or two. Socially, the Society organises nights out and the infamous drinking chess event.

University of York Clay Pigeon Shooting Club
The Clay Pigeon Shooting Club are a small friendly club who shoot every Wednesday and some Saturdays, all abilities are welcome, they have tuition for all including beginners and those who have never shot, all equipment is provided. There are many competitions both in house and against other universities.

York Croquet Society
CroqSoc is for those who like to get outside with a glass of Pimm's and enjoy the warm summer air. They organise afternoons of croquet in front of Heslington Hall throughout the summer, as well as at 'Little D'. No croquet ability required, the society helps beginners and experts alike so don't be afraid to give this eccentric English sport a try.

Dancesport is the name given to the society that runs the university's ballroom and Latin American dance team. They organise rehearsals a number of times per week for beginners, improvers and experts. They also compete in national competitions.

DanceSport competing in Roses 2013; Credit: Lily Grant
DanceSport competing in Roses 2013. Photo credit: Lily Grant

Darts Society
A group of people aiming to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for darts players and fans to meet, socialise and play darts. members will have the opportunity to participate in our tournaments and leagues compete for a place in the successful university team at a national level as well as participate in trips to professional tournaments. we also have regular socials on a Tuesday night after college darts.

For those unfamiliar with online gaming, a frag is when you kill someone on a computer game. Thus, FragSoc is a society for online gamers. The society runs events with multiplayer computer gaming, similar to a LAN party. Usually up to 64 players can join in, so the gaming can get frantic. All the classics are played, though if you've got a particular favourite that you want others to try then turn up to FragSoc and let the gaming commence.

Haz Society
HAZsoc is a society that organises campus games that can be played by anyone and everyone. Primarily we set up and run safe games of: Assassin Circle and Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ), as well as organise NERF events and socials.

Hearts Society
A society devoted to the card game, Hearts.

Juggle Soc
Juggle Soc is campus' elite group of jugglers. They juggle all sorts of things, such as balls, clubs and fire. Other hobbies at Juggle Soc are followed, such as poi and unicycling. However, even if you've never juggled before you can still join. The society helps beginners and experts alike, so don't be afraid to give this fun bunch of skills a try.

Knit Soc
KnitSoc brings together individuals who wish to knit! Knitting has been enjoying a brief vogue recently as celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker take to their needles. The group holds informal meetings where new members can learn to knit or improve their skills.

Live Football Society
LFS aims to bring all football supporters, be it Premiership high-flyers or League 2 strugglers, together for a unique footballing experience, re-creating the traditional Saturday afternoons at stadia around the local area. They organise trips to watch football matches at all levels, and also run kickabouts on the JLD Astroturf, as well as socials on campus and in town.

University of York Magic Society
Magic Soc creates a forum for budding magicians on campus to learn new tricks, practice and perform with other magicians. If there are enough members, it is possible that the society could be booked for campus events at which they would perform. This is a great opportunity to show off new tricks or
impress friends with this astonishing skill.

Movie Soc
If you're a film lover, this society may be for you. Movie Soc puts on a free weekly screening for its members, after which the film is debated and discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. As well as this though, the society organises trips to the cinema and film festivals. To add to this all, guest speakers from the movie industry are sometime invited to speak to the members about the industry and films.

The great Yorkshire outdoors; photo credit; apsande
The great Yorkshire outdoors. Photo credit: apsande

Outdoor Society
Outdoor Society is for students who like to get a bit of fresh air and walk through the countryside. The society organises walks every Sunday catering for walkers of all abilities. They ensure beautiful locations where you can get away from the stress of lectures and coursework. To add to this, they also organise weekend trips further away from York if you want to see some more of the amazing British countryside.

Photo Soc
Photo Soc is for every budding photographer at the University of York. This society allows you to meet people who share your passion for photography and learn more about it. The society also holds photo competitions based around themes, and holds a great selection of equipment that you can borrow. Last year they also got hold of a photo studio (with a green screen).

Pole Exercise Society
Leave your expectations at the door! This is a serious aerobic workout for those brave enough to get involved, as well as being a fun and amusing society. It's also the first university society of its kind in the UK. Pole Soc meets to practise and learn at least once a week.

Poker Society
Poker is becoming an increasingly popular game both campus and in the wider world. Poker Soc offers an opportunity for students to learn different forms of the game and go on to play competitively in a safe a responsible environment. More experienced players will enjoy this as well, meeting other people who share a passion for one of the fastest growing games at the moment. Even complete beginners can get involved in they want to learn a good life skill.

Slackline Society
Slackling combines the best of tightrope walking and trampolining: its members practise balancing on a flexible length of narrow webbing. You can often see members practising around campus, and it is a fun and inclusive society to join.

York Student Cinema
York Student Cinema (YSC) was originally created in the late 60s, but has grown ever since. Every week they show a film in the Physics and Electronics Building on the projector screen with full surround sound. The range of films shown is vast, from X-Men Origins and Moulin Rouge, to less main stream films. There's a role for anyone in the society, such as projecting, writing in their magazine, selling tickets or just having fun and watching the films.

York TheatreGoers is a society that organises trips to see the best theatre in and out of York, but on a student budget. This includes supporting campus productions as well. The society also organises socials so you can meet other members who love to go to the Theatre in a more relaxed atmosphere.

World Cinema Society
World Cinema Society shows great films from around the world and different cultures every Friday evening. They also show mainstream films as well though so this society is for anyone who wants to watch a film or two. Members and regulars can then join each other afterwards for drinks to discuss the film and films in general. As a member, you also get access to their free video library.

Yoga Soc
Yoga is a fantastic way to become more flexible as well as stronger and more relaxed. The society organises sessions from an external tutor at least twice a week, and groups range in difficulty. All you need is comfortable clothing and a mat or towel to stretch your way to a more relaxed body.

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