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We hope you enjoy the freshers' guide - for our next step, we need you! From breaking news and opinion to fashion shoots and gig reviews, you can be part of the paper that came runner-up in last year's national Guardian awards.

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Our latest edition, revealing the outgoing chancellor's expense claims
Our latest edition, revealing the outgoing vice-chancellor's expense claims

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Welcome to the Nouse! Nouse is the biggest society on campus, with 60 people on the main team and over two hundred people contributing over the year, making it the best society to meet all kinds of students who get involved from across campus.

We are run entirely by students, and we produce a newspaper edition every three weeks with the latest news from campus, cutting opinion, sports coverage, and commentary on arts, music, fashion, film and more. If it happens in York, we've got it covered, and the 15,000 students on campus want to hear what you've got to say about it.

Anybody can get involved with Nouse. If you can string a sentence together, we'd like to have your name in print.

Lots of people who join Nouse write, so if you have an opinion on politics, business or the latest box-office film, or you've got a story about your summer or coming to York, we'd like you to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard?) and have your name in print, or online (where our site gets almost half a million unique hits a year). We give out ideas all the time, with the best place to get info being through our writers' Facebook group or by emailing our lovely editor Laura (editor@nouse.co.uk). Doesn't matter if you're not at York yet, we'd like to hear from you now!

...And Muse, the culture supplement that goes inside the paper
...And Muse, the culture supplement that goes inside the paper

But it's not just writers who can get involved: a newspaper needs photographers, cartoonists, website builders, graphic designers and photoshoppers. There are so many opportunities at Nouse. We send writers and photographers with press tickets to London Fashion Week and the Fringe, we get countless free gig and theatre tickets, advanced screenings of films, free studio space for fashion shoots, and we'll even pay for you to go to restaurants in return for a review. We're also serial frequenters of The Willow. But that's in an entirely different category.

Nouse wins national student journalism awards, and alumni have gone on to write for all the big national newspapers - notable alumni include the Times Editor, Telegraph foreign editor, Mail on Sunday features editor, Independent music editor and many many more.

Come and talk to us at Freshers' Fair to find out more and meet the team... and pick up the Freshers' edition of Nouse on Tuesday Week 1. Our Twitter and Facebook pages are also abuzz with information about the paper, all you need to know to write for us, and are where your articles will get the publicity they need to get read.

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