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Wear It Well: Rocking the 90s' Dungarees

Izzy Ashton shows you how to put together a summer-ready dungarees look, without looking like an overgrown toddler!

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Dungarees... the 90s' fashion statement that has crept back into our wardrobes for SS '13. More commonly worn by toddlers and lumberjacks, the faithful pair of dungarees can be flattering, there are just a few precautions you need to take.

Firstly, make sure you try before you buy, as too-tight dungarees is one of the worst fashion faux pas since it became acceptable for ones bottom to hang out of ones denim shorts. Say no more.

Secondly, make sure the pair you buy are vintage, as the wash of the denim is the perfect mix of faded but not yet acid. The pair shown are Levis and are available at most Urban Outfitters stores and eBay for not too much (around £30-40).

For me, nothing beats a Breton top and this one from Monki (£17, is perfect to wear under the dungarees, helping to make the outfit casual but not too workman like. Pair with these white mid-tops from Superga (£50,, the hipster's shoe of choice (see Alexa Chung for more styling advice) to create the illusion of brown pins...which of course will definitely be an illusion at this stage in the year!

American Apparel's leather pouches come in all colours and sizes but this medium sized red one (£36, is the pop of colour that this spring outfit needs, just so you can say 'Look! I did not put these dungarees on as a homage to my baby self, but as a statement of fashion'. And if anyone seems to begin to mock then you can just politely inform him or her that they clearly don't read enough magazines to truly understand just how awesome you look. Enjoy!

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