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Wear It Well: Summer Lovin'

The sun may not be shining all the time yet, but don't let that stop you planning your Summer wardrobe with these hot tips.

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Summer Lovin

Sometimes all you can do is dream of summer, especially when it still feels so far away. But these babies will help get you through the (still) cold and windy times. The bright neon of this Topshop bikini (£17 & £10, is enough to lift your spirits (and to boost the colour of your skin...optical illusions, yes please!) Neon is the tone of the summer whether it is in your beauty regime or your wardrobe. It doesn't have to screm 'rave'; a subtle nod to this 80s trend is enough.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Why these mirrored sunnies from Asos of course! (£13, The blue tint of the lenses doesn't do anything to enhance your sun protection but they sure do look good, especially when paired with this cream Zara skort (£32,, a best friend to those of you who live in windier areas of the country. No Marilyn moments for you!

Sneakers are having a huge moment this Spring/Summer '13 and Nike are at the forefront of the game. These black and white printed Roshe Runs (£70, are perfect with bare legs, and practical too.

And last but not least, this notebook from Smythson (£80, helps you keep your head in check whilst also looking seriously stylish (and you can pretend you've been to every international fashion show...when all you did was write about them in your sexy new book.) Fingers crossed we see the sun soon!

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