Ambulances called 380 times to clubs since 2011

Club Salvation has consistently had the most ambulance call-outs.

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Between 2011 and March 2013, ambulances have been called out 380 times to all of York's main nightclubs in the city centre, with Club Salvation topping the number of call-outs consistently for all 3 years.

Kuda comes in second, although some of the call-outs were made when it was still known as Gallery. This is followed by Tokyo, the Willow and Vodka Revolution which had the least call-outs of all the clubs.

The figures also include locations such as 'outside nightclub' or 'near nightclub'.

The 380 call-outs to York clubs breaks down to 158 in 2011, 211 in 2012, and 46 in 2013 up to March. This means that the city's clubs are on course for nearly 190 call-outs in 2013.

In total, Club Salvation and Society have had 192 call-outs since 2011.

This peaked at 108 in 2012 and, although it cannot be distinguished how many of these are student call-outs, it was when Salvation still had an official YUSU club night.

They have had 18 call-outs up to March, putting them on course for 72 in 2013.

In total, although Tokyo have had only 57 call-outs, it has witnessed a massive rise from 2011 to 2012, increasing from 7 to 41.

They have had nine this quarter, putting them on course for 36 this year.

Kuda have had 77 call-outs since 2011, with 51 in the first year. Despite the number falling to 16 in 2012, there have already been ten this year, which means that they could be on course for 40, nearer to the 2011 level when they faced warnings from the police over behaviour related to alcohol around the club.

Willow has had 54 call-outs since 2011, with 25 in 2012.

There have been seven this year putting them on course for 28 call-outs.

The statistics for this venue are perhaps most concerning since they only let in students during term-time.

Finally, Vodka Revolution have had 35 call-outs since 2010, peaking at 21 last year, but only two call-outs up until March which means that it could be predicted to have less than ten call-outs this year.

Bob Hughes, YUSU Welfare Officer, commented on the number of call-outs: "It is quite a high number, and although ambulances should absolutely be called in case of serious emergencies and for any causes of concern, students should be aware of the effects that non-serious call-outs can have on local police and health services.

He added: "Also, if you are worried about your safety on a night out, there are plenty of local services, from the door staff in bars and clubs, and local police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who can help you and, if necessary, guide you towards other support."

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