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The Playlist: Craving Coney Street

Are you suffering from Willow Withdrawal? Not to fear as Neil Johnston brings you a holiday hit of our favourite Chinese's cheesy tracks.

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Perhaps you're happy to soak up home comforts, free from squalor and a questionable student diet, but there is one luxury you can't get outside of York.

I am of course talking about the magical venue found about half way down Coney Street. Here is our attempt to allow you to bring a little slice of Willow into your living room. We can't give you the crackers, nor the tequila, but you can enjoy a snippet of King Fong's musical cheese...

1. Five - 'Keep On Movin'

It wouldn't be a Willow night without a bit of a queue so here's one of the classics to help you keep the faith when the line is closer to the Big M than the Big W.

2. B*Witched - 'C'est La Vie'

Translated as 'That's life', this is one you can listen back to and remind you of the magic if the bouncer doesn't look too kindly on your drunken demeanour.

3. Led Zepplin - 'Stairway to Heaven

With both IDs passing the test, you're probably just in time for the DJ not to play something completely random as a reward. It's not a Willow classic but this one has been known to play on occasion and is fitting for that dodgy entrance.

4. Lou Bega - 'Mambo No.5

By now your night would be in full swing. Ladies and Gentleman it's time for Mambo No.5.

5. Bloodhound Gang - 'The Bad Touch'

It's probably just as well Willow isn't on the discovery channel but this one will always be welcome on the dancefloor.

6. Dexy's Midnight Runners - 'Come On Eileen'

They may have only been a one hit wonder, unlike Mr Fong and friends, however many have tripped up on the steps in excitement for this 80s classic.

7. Eiffel 65 - 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)'

I'm sure a few of us have woken up blue in the morning when the 17 stamps have smudged all over.

8. Steps - '5, 6, 7, 8'

5,6,7, 8. It's notjust the Sambuca count but another few 'Steps' back to the 90s.

9. Busted - 'Year 3000'

Who knows where Willow will be in the year 3000, but I hope they will still be playing Busted.

10. Toploader -'Dancing In The Moonlight'

Every club plays it but some how it sounds even better when part of the bizarre magic of Willow

11. Jessie J-'Domino'

It's reached the stage in the night where the DJ reaches (searches spotify) for an overplayed chart tune. We are probably falling over at this point so Jessi J is ideal.

12. Take That - 'Rule The World'

Ok, I'll admit it, Willow might not 'Rule the World' but it does rule the York nightlife and this is one of the disco's many (non-edible) crackers.

13. S-Club 7 - 'Reach'

Don't worry I haven't forgotten, it wouldn't be a Willow playlist without this an S-Club number from the naughties. But don't reach two high, or asbestos and a swift exit will await you.

14. Taylor Swift - 'I Knew You Were Trouble'

Time for one more overplayed tune that for some reason sounds spectacular in a Chinese Restaurant.

15. Black Lace - 'Do The Conga'

Some say it is just as myth, but I have started...I mean seen one with my very own eyes, so it's time to finish the night off and 'Do the Conga'.

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Asbestos Posted on Tuesday 9 Apr 2013

another 'article' heavily referring to Willow. This is boring, generic and just generally sucks.


Andrew+Dempster Posted on Tuesday 9 Apr 2013

Neil Johnston has a sense of humor? What a surprise! well in Nelly J, great article. Provided me with a few chuckles.


The Neil of the glen Posted on Tuesday 17 Jun 2014

No toto by africa you stupid tosser