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Q&A: Camilla Long

Camilla Long is a columnist and interviewer for the Sunday Times.

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I loved interviewing Imelda Marcos, as well as the great glittering He-Moob himself - Simon Cowell. I met Imelda in Manila. She had an enormous pink diamond stuck to the front of her dress and spoke for 5.5 hours (about 3% made sense). She insisted she had given up shoes and only had a few traditional Filipino pairs, but when I asked to go to the loo I "got lost" in the back of her apartment and found a rack the size of a small HGV groaning with Manolos and Jimmys. When I went back the next day, she wept.

If I wasn't a journalist I'd be a psychotherapist. I'm so nosy!

Feminism? Vive la Revolution!

This year, I resolved to be fashionable, or at least wear clothes that don't make me look like Liz Hurley's depressed Peruvian cleaner, but when I spoke to an editor he said that the latest thing was "Kate Moss redux" with a "Big Bird meets Olive Oyl vibe" on the foot. When I asked him to clarify, he whispered, "basically, bollocks". So I've been working "bollocks" for most of January and I can tell you it's going just fine.

Mary Beard is a victim of horrible misogyny - what I want to know is why people feel they can attack her like that. If we understand that, we might be able to tackle the problem in general.

I am strongly pro-boob. I don't believe in telling any woman to shut up or cover up, and this includes the women in The Sun. If people think the paper's coverage is one-note, then campaign for better coverage of women in general. No one would tell women to stop wearing bikinis or going to the beach because the Mail is constantly cooing over their impressive curves, so don't tell women who earn their living out of their boobs to go home and get another job. The more we demonise women's bodies the less we celebrate womanhood.

I have just finished watching all 13 episodes of House of Cards. It's fantastic. Kevin Spacey must have the most menacing man-tan in all of political drama. Robin Wright is the ultimate political wife - gorgeous and scheming.

My ultimate guests for dinner would include Nero, although I think he'd be a bit like David Brent. Same goes for Oliver Cromwell. The problem is that most great historical figures - Elizabeth I, Karl Lagerfeld - would be terrible at smalltalk, so perhaps I'll just say Homer, because I'd quite like to know who he was, and Jimmy Savile, because there are a few questions outstanding.

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4 Comment

Stephen Bannister Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

Camilla l saw you on have I got news for you tonight and when you came on the set what I saw was a gorgeous beautiful loverly lady XX Yours sincerely. Stephen Bannister.


Robert Hurst Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

Camilla were you at Gatwick airport in the weatherspoon for a break on 24/4/14 at around 4pm? I am certain I saw you there but lacked courage to bother you with a greeting in your private time. I know Sir Harold Evans former S.Times Ed who campaigned for the thalidomide children. My companion Lorraine Mercer MBE became the uniqe limbless Olympic Torchbearer representing the global Thal Community.
Do you have a website or email please?
I would like to meet in a better environment than a busy airport lounge to chat.
Robert Hurst.


R Hammond Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

Camilla, I fink Stephen and Robert both fancy the pants off you ....


Bob Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

I think you are great. You are cute and beautiful. Bob xx


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