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Looking at the last few years, you could be forgiven for thinking that the York Sport Presidency never boils down to any more than a two horse race

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Looking at the last few years, you could be forgiven for thinking that the York Sport Presidency never boils down to any more than a two horse race; actually, given that the last two contests have produced landslide wins, you might see it as one long victory parade.

This year, though, it could yet prove to be one of the most hotly-contested and unpredictable races of the elections.

Current incumbent Charlotte Winter would be a clear front-runner if she opts for a second term of office, but rumour has it that she is set to take the leap into the real world, leaving the field wide open.

Whoever takes over for 2013/14 will be left with the task of maintaining the University's climb up the BUCS rankings. With this year's aim of breaking the top 40 well within our grasp, next year's York Sport President will need to make sure that this isn't just a flash in the pan.

With sports teams and facilities being pushed to the absolute limit, securing more and more funding to improve the equipment and coaching available to sports clubs will surely be a top priority, as well as continuing to manage the ever-expanding world of college sport.

Meg Phillips has been touted as an obvious runner, coming from a background as Women's Football President and College Sport Officer, but her potential candidacy is now also in doubt, having looked a nailed-on contender before Christmas.

The inner circle of the York Sport Committee though, as always, is still the first port of call to find any potential candidates. The names of Chris Menon and Amy Moll stand out, with both also holding experience as Presidents of the Lacrosse and Netball Clubs respectively.

Tournament Secretary could also prove a natural stepping stone to the big job, with this year's trio tasked with organising a home Roses. Men's hockey captain and cricket stalwart George Richards would possess the cross-sport connections that aided Winter last year, and word on the street is that he might fancy making the step up.

Outside the Committee, Dong-Oh Shin is reportedly lining up a second crack at the York Sport job, clearly undeterred by his comprehensive defeat this time last year, though the same was said of Ben McGladdery in 2012 and he ultimately opted out of a second campaign.

Among the club Presidents potentially looking at a run, Cassandra Brown of the Badminton Club may be one to watch. As head of one of the University's best-run clubs and a former Langwith Sports Rep, Brown might possess the CV necessary to win over the electorate.

Another name that has been circling the rumour mill is James Ashrafi-Tari, Treasurer of the York Centurions American Football team. This might be an outside bet, but as an American footballer with an unpronounceable name, he's already halfway to being the next Sam Asfahani.

Whoever wins, though, will be challenged with following what is shaping up to be a very successful year, by taking York to the next level of sporting prowess.

Keep an eye on this race, it's anyone's for the taking.

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John Appleseed Posted on Monday 11 Feb 2013

"Current incumbent" is a tautology, isn't it?