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YUSU Yak talks Presidential candidates

Fear not. Yusu Yak is here to cut through the crap and give you all the juiciest gossip - the names, the claims, and the campaign shame

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Yusu Yak: milking the teet of Union gossip until it's drier than Andy Parsons
Yusu Yak: milking the teat of Union gossip until it's drier than Andy Parsons

The YUSU elections season is nearly upon us.

It won't be long before you're unable to cross campus without being ambushed by zealous campaigners, each convinced of their candidate's supreme worthiness for the role, each prepared to sacrifice their dignity upon the altar of ridiculous cardboard costumes and each unwavering in their conviction that they are the first people to think of the campaign slogan "putting the 'U' back into YUSU".

But fear not. Yusu Yak is here to cut through the crap and give you all the juiciest gossip - the names, the claims, and the campaign shame. This week, we reveal the possible candidates for the top job: Union President.

Current president Kallumn Taylor has made no secret of the fact that he will be seeking a second year in office, and with the highest name recognition of any YUSU figure in recent history it will be a tall order to knock the Union's current head honcho off his pedestal. Nevertheless contenders are already beginning to emerge, with Matt Stephenson unofficially, but unequivocally making known his intention to run.

In recent years it has become a bit of a tradition for the ex-Goodricke Chair throw their hat into the ring. Last year the testosterone-fuelled struggle between Taylor and Nacho Hernando was one of the most entertaining spats in recent Union history.

But sources close to last year's chair Emily Miller inform us that she does not seem to be planning a bid for the presidency - but that's not to say she's quitting the game. In fact, we hear she has her eye on Welfare. More on that soon.

Despite the break in the royal Goodricke line, Heslington East has not failed to produce presidential candidates. Rumours abound that Mike Anstey, currently sharing the post of International Officer, is considering running for the top job.

Close to the current President but with his own base of support, our sources say Anstey is torn about his decision - many would see him instead playing the long game with a re-run for international officer. Add to the mix that Anstey's friend, Arthur Mukembo, is also considering a bid, and this blogger predicts some deep conflict between companions and careers.

A prominent member of the York Entrepreneurs, Mukembo has worked for Yatterbox, one of York's most successful technology startups based at the business hub on Hes East. Yet we worry that spending all that time with Chris Etheridge, the company's Commercial Director and perhaps the only person ever to run largely unsuccessfully in no less than four YUSU elections, may have already jinxed Mukembo's chances.

But there's still everything to play for, and now that we've suitably whetted your appetite, we shall keep you posted as the drama unfolds in the weeks ahead. Next up is Student Activities, and we're hearing that one plucky contender's race is over before it has even begun...

Until then, if you've got any comments, or know something that we don't, then email us at elections@nouse.co.uk.

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1 Comment

Chris Etheridge Posted on Tuesday 19 Feb 2013

FYI, I ran in three YUSU elections, winning in 2009 and losing in 2008 and 2010. I didn't run in my fourth year- the same mistake has been made two years in a row:P.