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New Direction for Microsoft

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Microsoft has made a significant decision in building their own PC for the first time. Its 'Surface Pro' coming out in a few days will be the first such product carrying the Microsoft brand, but their shareholders will certainly not be satisfied by this alone.

According to the Wall Street Journal and The American news channel CNBC, Microsoft is showing interest in buying the former biggest PC seller in the world: Dell. Dell is currently in a delicate situation, with its founder Michael Dell seemingly interested in the possible sale of his company. According to the same sources, Microsoft would be ready to pay between 1 and 3 billion Dollars (a fairly small amount compared to the $8 billion purchase of Skype) on this unexpected acquisition.

This news is to be taken cautiously, but Microsoft has recently shown a great interest in growing its business, with its new operating system Windows 8 being released for touchscreen computers as well as more traditional PCs. It has also hired Andrew Kim, a designer who has previously created a lot of buzz with his proposals for redesigning the whole of Microsoft's public vision, for its Xbox branch.

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