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Zidane the greatest of all time

Jules Delay weighs in on the 'Greatest Footballer of All Time' debate, making the case for French legend Zinedine Zidane

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Image: ivalladt via flickr Creative Commons
Image: ivalladt via flickr Creative Commons

The debate over the world's greatest player will always exist - the difference in generations, leagues, positions and nationalities means it's ultimately unsolvable. Who is to say that it requires less skill being a defender than by being a striker? None can say for sure, yet Fabio Cannavaro is the only defender to have won the Ballon D'or in this century. In this random meandering of thoughts, I will propose a different player to the usual Messi, Maradona, Pele debate. Bare with me, make some tea, and don't judge me quite yet - I think the greatest player who has ever lived is Zinedine Zidane.

Now most of you would probably say that whilst you acknowledge Zidane was a great player, he isn't comparable to those three footballing gods. The problem however is that the regular judgements made are based on goals and assists. If you look at what a footballer is judged on ultimately though, Zidane's achievements, but more his performances especially in the key matches, provide (I hope!) a compelling argument for his rightful place on top of the footballing world.

The importance of this second factor cannot be overestimated - the ability to play well and dictate the big matches is something that only the very best players can do. Leagues and trophies are decided on the big matches. It was Zidane's ability to dominate in these games which makes him so exceptional - even in a match against the world's best, he would be a class above. Look at the World Cup finals in 1998 and 2006, the 2001 Champions League final, the quarter final against Brazil in 2006 against the tournament favourites and defending champions, and numerous others besides.

Amongst the many adulating quotes about Zidane, one stands out. Not just because of who said it, but also because what they said emphasises exactly his memorising ability to stand out amongst the world's best, and inspire his team - "Zidane was from another planet. When Zidane stepped onto the pitch, the 10 other guys just got suddenly better. It is that simple" (Zlatan Ibrahimovic). Zidane, perhaps more than any other player, performed on the big occasion, and that is the mark of the greatest player.

Aside from this ability to dominate in big games, there is another string to my argument. Zidane was also the only player who has achieved the greatest success possible on both the club and national level, something that neither Messi, Ronaldo, Pele nor Maradona did.

It is unquestionable that Zidane achieved huge success on the international stage having been the fulcrum of the greatest French side in history. The success of the team between 1998 and 2006 was spearheaded and created by Zidane, the epitome of French flair on the pitch; the best description from his teammates -"In France, everybody realized that God exists, and that he is back in the French international team" (Thierry Henry). Prepare yourself for a barrage of examples, and if you don't think they show a great international career, just give up.

In the 1998 World Cup final, Zidane was man of the match, player of the tournament, and scored twice. In Euro 2000, Zidane scored an exquisite freekick in the quarter final and the winning golden goal in the semi final, before being named player of the tournament again. Whilst injury prevented full participation in the 2002 World Cup, in Euro 2004 he saved his side in the opening match with a brace against England and they went on to reach the quarter finals. Finally, in the 2006 World Cup, Zidane scored goals in the last 16, semi final, and final, and was again named player of the tournament.

Leaving behind what can only be described as a breathtaking international career making him an icon throughout his nation, Zidane's ability in the domestic game was equally entrancing. Zidane is rightly revered as a real Madrid legend, having signed for the world record fee of £42m before making 225 appearances for the club. As the face of the infamous Galacticos, Zidane showed his ability in the big games yet again with a spectacular goal in the 2001 Champions League final. The stunning volley with his wrong foot personified Zidane's ability - a glorious piece of skill, based on phenomenal natural ability but crucially delivered on the biggest stage in club football.

On a small sidenote, another argument for Zidane's status as the world's best is his performances in different leagues. He won trophies in France, Italy and Spain - best known as the face of Madrid for six years, Zidane had before won World Player of the Year at Juventus alongside two Scudetto's and two Champions League finals.

It is worth noting in the furore following Messi's fourth straight Ballon D'or, (which Ronaldo should have won!), that Zidane not only won three World Player of the Year awards but has appeared on the shortlist more times than any other player (three wins, one second place, two third places). This signifies Zidane's greatest quality - his consistent ability to perform in the biggest matches every year. Standing out amongst the best is what defined Zidane, crucially on the club and international level. This is the crux of my argument, what I have been sliding my way slowly towards, the final rationale - Zidane, unlike Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo or Messi, achieved the ultimate success on both the club and the international level.

His ability is comparable to the greats listed above, but his big game mentality sets him apart. There are numerous great strikers, who could be on this list, but Zidane was something else - the one player you wanted in the big game. That quality, that rarity, makes him special. If (like me), you value that natural gift, then it's simple - Zizou simply was the greatest ever.

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Hmmmm Posted on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

"Aside from this ability to dominate in big games, there is another string to my argument. Zidane was also the only player who has achieved the greatest success possible on both the club and national level, something that neither Messi, Ronaldo, Pele nor Maradona did."

I have to strongly, strongly dispute your assertion that Pele and Maradona did not achieve both club and international success. With Napoli, Maradona transformed them into a mediocre mid table team to a team that won two leagues, placed second twice and won the UEFA cup, which was a very big deal back then.

Likewise with Pele, he achieved some extraordinary feats with Santos and this was back in the day when the Brazilian league was pretty much the best in the world. He won the Intercontinental Cup, numerous league titles and a few cups as well. That's with a goalscoring record of over 1.5 per match for his first seven seasons there.


jonny Posted on Saturday 17 Jan 2015

Pele, Maradona and more recently Zidane, are the greatest players to play the game, (almost officially). But the reason why many nowadays pip Zizou as the greatest, is that he achieved feats which both Maradona and Pele have and he did it in modern day, where football is of course much more advanced than it has ever been.

Maradona no European cup, although I would even argue that it was due to circumstance, (Napoli), he achieved other great feats with them nonetheless like a Uefa cup and of course the famous league wins.He cheated in the world cup which arguably helped them win it. He was very much left footed as a pose to both footed, the perfect player must be both footed. and many other reasons, such as 0 world cup final goals.. etc. etc

Pele didnt even play in europe, I'm sorry but that is a big factor, i dont care how good santos was. there were many times in the brazil world cup squad and this is agreed on by many analysts and brazilian fans, that pele was not even the best player. zico, jarzinho playmaker and many other stars.

France in 98 wasnt really built up on stars, vieira petit, henry were upcoming stars, djorkaeff and guivarch with all due respect were good, but hardly world stars. they had a good defence which went in their favour and a pretty good goalie.

Zidane was always the best player in any team he went in, even when he played alongside Ronaldo R9 who is also arguably as good as pele or maradona. when he played in france they relied on him until he was 34 years of age and he was still schooling brazil. this is the sort of thing action hero movie scripts are made of or great novels/hero stories. he has done it all, he was all round, good at everything from headers to freekicks to corners, to dribbling. the perfect player, a true gladiator is what he is, maximus meridius decimus. when he was in the team the team played better. he made that team stars and heros, without him france hasnt recovered till this day. brazil has won world cups before and after pele and same as argentina.


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Sage Posted on Monday 9 Jul 2018

People who can't make player arguments make false recency bias argument. As though, by magic, older players could not play today because of some advance that's never explained, but just assumed. This argument is not one to be taken seriously. The advancements are technological & medical, both of which, if older players played today, would have access to. Try harder.

Marcus Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Totalement hors contexte du seccor, je veux juste aviser certaines personne qu'e9tant donne9 que le seccor c'est tout simplement plate, je conside8re qu'associer un terme comme ZIDANE (qui est le nom d'un personnage de final fantasy)e0 un sport aussi ridicule que le seccor c'est pas tre8s sain. Meame si j'aime pas beaucoup final fantasy 9, j'aime pas associer ma se9rie de jeu pre9fe9re9 e0 un sport of9 (comme dirait xbudd)la finale pourrait se de9cider e0 pile ou face.Tant qu'e0 e9couter un match comme a, je pre9fe8re encore re9e9couter les matchs de Blitzball de Final fantasy X.


Jules Posted on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

Pele played in the Brazilian league and the American simultaneously, at a time when the game was far less competitive at club level. Also, the Brazilian league being the strongest would be hotly disputed especially by the Italian and Spanish leagues, whose sides regularly showed they were the greatest of their generations.

As for Maradona, he sparkled for Napoli certainly, but he didnt excel (by his international standards) for his other clubs, especially Barcelona. If Maradona had shown that ability for his entire club career, I would place him as possibly the greatest ever.

Thanks for commenting.


Sage Posted on Monday 9 Jul 2018

Zidane wasn't even the best player on his club team.


rohan john Posted on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

it only affirms my belief that Zidane was and will be the greatest player of all time not because he won cups but because once in decades comes a man who plays a game so beautifully and so elegantly that you just cannot stop noticing. just like federer was and will be the most elegant player to have ever embraced a tennis court ever. The lavers, nadals, bjorgs etc deserve to be called legends but Fed is class apart, likewise Zidane is something different. There is no player today whose first touch is as silky as Zidane's.
Fed and Zidane's game can be captured in this statement "Poetry in Motion"


Elin Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Zidane acted like this only one more time in his career when a opnenopt player said some nice words about his origin (he's from Algeria).Sometimes, in such situations you forget your place in the world and you act as a simple person Personally, I do agree with you that it's something that he souldn't do. But, we must not stay at this action; we should see his total contribution in the soccer.And yes, I was with French. I still can't believe how Italy won Australia (and passed to the next round) with a phantom gift penalty in the 93rd minute


Josh Posted on Thursday 15 Oct 2015

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Robin Posted on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

The "greatest player" could mean different things to different people. To some it could be "most dangerous", and hence Messi and Ronaldo could be the ones. To some it could mean the most skillful and hence Maradona. To me Zidane is the greatest because he was the "most complete player".

By "complete player", I mean technical completeness-the ability to shoot with both feet, heading, passing, dribbling, control, volley. He had it all in the right proportion. He is a poster for anyone learning to play complete soccer.


Hmmmm Posted on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013


Maradona did succeed at Barcelona. Won a Copa Del Rey and a Spanish Supercup with them as well as scoring more goals than anyone else during his time. He was plagued by injury during his time there as well as getting into unnecessary disputes with the board but that doesn't lessen his achievements. At Boca Juniors, he lit up their side by all counts. During his peak years, he succeeded at every single club he went to. Perhaps even more so than Zidane.

And Pele didn't play the American and Brazilian leagues at the same time. There was 2 years between him leaving Santos and joining New York. And the Brazilian league had guys like Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto, Edu, Felix, Rivelino etc etc. This was a time before the majority of footballers left their clubs to go to Europe. You look at what Pele did and there is nothing more he could have done at the club than what he did.

That Santos team of the early 1960's was a great one in the same way Barcelona is today and Pele was the lynchpin behind that. For me, still the greatest ever player of all time with Maradona and Messi second and then Zidane.


Halim Posted on Wednesday 30 Jan 2013

I am glad to see that I am not the only who believes Zidane is the greatest player of all times. As one reader stated, Zidane's game can be described as "Poetry In Motion". No one who loves football can deny Zidane's skills. His goals were magical, his ball control was breath-taking, and his passes were killer. As Ibrahimovic said, the other ten players suddenly improved when Zidane was there. Zizou won it all, done it all...he truly deserves to be called the greatest.


Jacob Posted on Thursday 31 Jan 2013

Zidane could make you fall in love with football. Period.


Bill Posted on Sunday 10 Feb 2013

You can make the same arguments for Iniesta as for Zidane, e.g. big game player, ridiculously successful at both international and domestic level, brilliant touch and vision. What a player.

Does that mean he is better than Messi, Maradona etc? No. The same with Zidane.


Anonymous Posted on Wednesday 20 Mar 2019

Messi is tremendously overrated.


Gundo Posted on Thursday 25 Apr 2013

Zidane is beyond legend. No one can be compared to him, his style of play and inspiration on the pitch. Pele, Marado, Mess etc may have great acheivements but they are not in the same class with Zidane.


Popoy Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Informacif3n Valora en Diego Maradona has stepped fowarrd to defend young Leo Messi, the Argentine star after criticism of the Barcelona star for his below-par performances at the Copa America. To the disbelief of his country, Messi is struggling t ..


Henry Posted on Thursday 20 Jun 2013

Zidane is king of world soccer


Mathieu Posted on Sunday 25 Aug 2013

Good article Jules. I have always believed your arguments that big games make the player, and Zidane had more of them to fill multiple careers. His genius could also been seen through his absence I believe: in the 2002 World Cup he only played 1 of 3 games and was rushed back from injury for the third, and the number 1 ranked French National side didn't get out of the group. In the 2008 Euro Cup, the same squad (minus Zidane this time) that had just been to the World Cup final didn't get out of the group. In 2006, the French national squad were headed towards not even qualifying for the world cup and his return brought them not only that but a championship game appearance. Say what you will about Pele, but when he got injured in 1962, Brazil still handily won the World Cup.

Just a side comment, your arguments are sound, Jules, but your research could use some beefing up. It has always been a misconception that Zidane was the player of the tournament in the 1998 world cup (I guess it's because he scored the two big goals in the final). The player of the tournament was Ronaldo from Brazil. Zidane would have to wait until 2006 to be named best player of the world cup. No soccer player has ever won the award twice, making the debate of the 'greatest ever' just a little more complicated.


Petr Posted on Sunday 1 Sep 2013

Yes, Zidane is the greatest of all time because he is't from earth, but another Planet.

@rohan john

Who is federer ?? :)) Ugly can't be elegant or elegance. This is truth, fact and just reality.


Muhammad Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Bien d'accord avec l'ide9e des taureaux. J'crois meame que e7a pouairrt me9riter un Prix Nobel de la paix ou quelque chose du genre. En passant, d'apre8s mes sources, il parrait qu'un des joueurs ayant participe9 e0 la partie (probablement un perdant, vu son empressement e0 de9nigrer son propre sport) aurait dit en entrevue qu'avec les tirs de barrage, c'e9tait comme de9cider e0 pile ou face du titre, ce qui semble renforcer mon propos.


blur Posted on Sunday 8 Sep 2013

He is certainly the greatest. Its not even a contest if people paid more attention to what matters most- the ability to own the pitch in any tournament, any game, against any opponent.

Zidane has scored winning goals in World Cup finals and UCL finals. Brilliant goals too!

He RELISHED big games. He owned them.

Its insane how much he did for France in the 2006 World Cup even though he was quite old at that point.

Incredible, audacious player with no peers.

Zizou forever, and Im not even French...


Bruno Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Gosh que e7a fait de l'effet e7a!Je pense bien eatre encore dans tout mes e9tats si j'appele un coup de teate un Zidane. Conside9rant qu'il y a plus de monde qui e9coute le foot que de pesrnone qui joue e0 Final Fantasy, il est tout e0 fait sain de penser ceci!J'avoue que c'est pas cool gagner une coupe du monde en tir de pe9nalite9 mais c'est la vie! De toute fae7on, ils avaient perdus la finale 94 en tir de pe9nalite9 contre le Bre9sil. Simple retour des choses!Finalement, Zidane va dire au me9dia ce que Materazzi lui a dit pour le frustrer. Selon certains journaux, c'est soit que sa me8re est une pute de terroriste, soit sa soeur est une pute.Mais venant d'un italien stupide, il n'aurait pas dfb s'emporter.


Tanvir 86 Posted on Thursday 12 Sep 2013

Zidane is by far the greatest player i have seen in my life.. in 1998, i was only 4 years old but i still remember zizou scoring 2 goals and he lifted the world cup.. before the final nobody knew him,, after the final everybody knew him.. i heard a lot of controversy theory about that final but never believed any of those rubbish.. in 2002, i saw a zidane-less France being humiliated by Senegal.. i always thought that had zizou played in that match, the results would've been different.. and then it came in 2006, against brazil again.. 34-year old zidane absolutely outclassed ronaldo,ronaldinho,kaka,cafu,carlos.. the way he controlled the midfield was simply supernatural.. he then created the greatest assist i've ever seen for henry to score.. in the final, zizou scored the most calmest penalty i've ever seen and france would've won if zizou didn't get the red card.. all in all, it showed that zidane was the ultimate big game player..

but still he is not the greatest ever.. that title belongs to a 5'5 stocky little man named MARADONA.. you said maradona didn't achieve success in club and country, which is absolutely a lie.. Maradona SINGLE-HANDEDLY dragged argentina to 2 consecutive WC final, winning it in 86.. in his teenage years, he dragged argentinos juniors to their highest finish in the Argentine league(2nd place)..he single-handedly won the 1st youth world cup in 1979 and was the youngest player to win the south american player of the year award.. he then led boca juniors to their only league title in 1980s.. he couldn't shine in barca because he was constantly deprived of playing regular matches and he also had a politcal clash with barca's president.. despite that, he was consistently barca's best player and he once scored 4 goals against madrid.. at napoli, maradona not only led them to trophies but he also became a fully-fledged footballing God.. before maradona, napoli were the sewer of italy.. At his absolute peak, Maradona was a phenomenon that nobody had ever seen.. his ball control was unparalled, his dribbling was transcendental, his passing was trademark, his vision was immaculate.. and he regularly humiliated some of the greatest defenders of all time like Maldini,baresi,gentile,tardelli,scirea.. Even zidane confessed that Maradona was the greatest ever..

please don't say about pele.. He never even comes close to maradona.. Pele's only true peak came at 70 WC but it was nothing like maradona's 86 WC.. in fact one could argue that his vastly underrated teammate,garrincha, was a better player.. in 1962 WC, pele didnot play but brazil won due to the genius of garrincha.. Pele played for the biggest club in brazil whereas maradona always played for underdogs and led them to miracles.. Pele was a good athlete, he ran very fast and headed the ball perfectly but his natural ball technique never comes close to maradona..

Zidane impact for France is huge and possibly comes close to Maradona's for argentina but maradona had an unbelievale 86 WC.. zidane was also huge for Madrid but again, Madrid and Juventus were powerhouses.. Maradona's distinction from the rest is the fact that he ALWAYS played for underdogs and he ALWAYS took them to a level they never imagined they would reach..

I was lucky to watch Zidane's greatest moments.. but i was very unlucky indeed for being alive to see Maradona's miracle.


Tanvir 86 Posted on Thursday 12 Sep 2013

*not alive


Anonymous Posted on Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

Awesome article.And dont forget that Zizou played in an era and in a league which probably had the toughest and best defenders of all time.and no one can ever replicate that volley against leverkusen in the champions league final.Zizou was just phenomenal.


Raj Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

zinedine zindane is the best pleayr ever to play for france in a world cup finals.and dont forget he single handly took his national team to victory in the coupe monde 98.He is the greatest pleayr france have gotten and will ever have. marve 4rm nigeria.


Yeshi Posted on Wednesday 14 Oct 2015

Thanks a lot for your input!I may take a little more time beorfe putting out the next episode I definitely need to think about it a little more, spend more time editing, etc. I felt rushed because I put a schedule on myself, so I'll take my time and make sure the next one is real good Thanks again!


Alex Posted on Thursday 26 Sep 2013

Not trying to be mean, but saying Zidane performed at club and international level where Pele, Maradona and Messi didn't is biased to say the least.

Pele won 3 world cups and scored more goals domestically than pretty much any other player in history. You can say what you like about the Brazilian league, but back in his day most of the top Brazilians still played in that league and Santos on many occasions triumphed over Real Madrid whilst Pele was in the team.

Messi you could make an argument for at international level, but he is arguably the greatest player to ever play the game for Barcelona excluding his international performances (which by the way aren't bad at all, Argentina simply do not use him correctly), all at the grand age of 26.

Maradona is simply exempt from the argument because you are completely wrong about him. He won the world cup almost single handedly for Argentina in 86, or was certainly just as vital as Zidane in 98. Then there is the fact that he took Napoli, at the time a relegation battling team in 83, to 2 Serie A titles in 87 and 90. They signed him in 1984 to be clear.

Zidane is a great of the game, top 10, maybe even top 5 at a push, but the greatest? I don't think even he would put a case for himself being the greatest ever. Fact is, Diego Maradona is still in a league of his own with Lionel Messi the next best.


Cortina Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

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Benjamin Posted on Tuesday 1 Oct 2013

Please allow me to tell a small story told by a french player (I've forgotten his name) on a french radio show, who was playing in the spanish league in the early 2000's. He asked his partners who was the best player in the league, and all of them were answering Valeron (playing for the Deportivo from 2000 to 2013). Suprised by the answer, he asked : "but Zidane ???" No no no, answered the other players, Zidane doesn't play in the same league as us :)


md Posted on Sunday 6 Oct 2013

zidane is simply the best player ever in the history of football.....that is the fact....his touch only will drive maradona entire carrier to sleep.....FACT


Oanh Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Messi is the King of the World on? the soccer pitch !!!!! No one cant touch him !!!! Congratulations on his new baby boy !!! TIAGO Cant wait to see him play one day !!!


Anonymous Posted on Saturday 13 May 2017

Messi Played only for one club.Just think about this,Messi shined at a atime when spain was dominating world football and at least 8 of barcelona players was in the first eleven,Just think how he has been surrounded by great player and it is the only club he played for.For the year 2010 he should have not received the title for world player of the.It should have been schneider as he made a treble with inter milan and he was the most influencial player that helped holland reach the world cup final against spain,and he was among the top scorer.Messi should have not won player of the tounament for world cup 2014,he himself ( messi) did not agree with that.Could have been arjen robben or Toni kroos.

For me a complete football player suppose to be comfortable with both of his feet.For me is quite uncomfortable with his right fee.

For sure is a great player,goal scoring machine but not the greatest player of all time.


Anonymous Posted on Sunday 24 Nov 2013

Zidane is the best footballer player ever......revere him still.....


Hector Saldivar Posted on Wednesday 26 Mar 2014

This is a great article you helped me alot.
Thank You!!!

Zidane Is A Legend!!


Rangsan Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Ya my eye is much better, it was one of those thnigs I guess. I'm glad you liked it. Not everyone "gets" it.The alone time was much needed, "C" and I can talk sports for weeks, if not months. I'll forever be ignorant to the sport of hockey. Too much fighting for me.Jack showed some glimpses of jealousy that night too, but I hearted him. He is awesome!


anonymous Posted on Tuesday 29 Apr 2014

He was a treat to watch and still is. He can still own ten Messi's on the pitch.


Luckydan Posted on Friday 13 Jun 2014

Zidane is the greatest and most gifted ever, all the skills and more. I have seen them all and Zidane is the one that gives you goosebumps. He plays unselfishly and still dominates the highlights for ball control, dribbling, vision and passing, shooting particularly his volleys, and back to ball control, Zidane kills it from any height and beats players all in one fluid motion. Zidane was also a humble player and would certainly not himself say that he was the greatest!!


Brijendra Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

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The Lizard King Posted on Thursday 25 Sep 2014

BOW DOWN TO ME THE LIZARD KING OF HULL ROAD (other supermarkets do not exist)


Shahid Posted on Saturday 4 Oct 2014

I have seen all the great players and seen how amazing they all are in their own unique way. If I had to pick one from the 4 people keep mentioning to play for my life (if it depended on it) then it would be Zidane. He was just unbelievably great at controlling the ball and making opposing players end up in positions he wanted them. He controlled the ball with his feet as if he was using his hands and not feet; it was like he had the ball under a spell. I watched Zidane destroy defenses in a way that no other mortal has. Not once or twice but in a big big games against some of the toughest defenders. If ever there was a player as a good as him then I would have known and believe you me, there is not one. I would say Zidane with 10 points and the nearest to him was Maradonna with 9.8 points Pele with 9.7 and Messi with 9.3 (but he has years to probably catch up)


Nico Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Oh Zidenine Zidane, one of the true great players thay my young eyes have ever since, I am too young to have seen Pele or the peimolc Maradonna, but I did watch Zidane playing and I can't find anyone like him right now, he was really a crack


OddName Posted on Saturday 14 Feb 2015

It saddens me how Messi's name, out of jealousy and ignorance, is sullied on such a disgusting frequency. I beg you all to watch, at least, a 1 minute clip of Messi with the ball at his feet. If this does not convince you that he is rivaled only by Maradonna and Zlatan, then you know nothing about the beautiful game. Go watch cricket or parish in purgatory with all the Chelsea fans.


dipu Posted on Wednesday 27 May 2015



Aung Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

, you guys needed alone time. The stpros arguments don't bore me, cuz you both get so fired up. It's pretty amusing.a0And yes, Jack liked you. He doesn't always like the cat, though. He gets jealous. Damn pets.

Novi Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

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Roberta Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

(Attention, le commentaire siuavnt pourrait se voir diffamatoire par rapport au soccer. Le jugement du lecteur est avise9.)Se9rieusement, c'est vraiment difficile de pas trouver que le soccer c'est un sport de crap apre8s une finale comme e7a. Se9rieusement! Pensez-y trente secondes! Le match le plus important dans le monde du soccer imme9diat s'est de9cide9 par une couple de tirs chanceux!C'est tellement absurde. Un des gars se le8ve dix minutes plus tf4t ce matin-le0, de9cide de tirer e0 droite au lieu d'e0 gauche et pouf, la France gagne la Coupe du Monde! C'est rienqu'une affaire de CHANCE. De chance pure. Le goaler doit guesser de quel cf4te9 le gars va tirer et le gars doit supposer qu'il tire du bord of9 le goaler s'attend pas e0 ce qu'il tire! Tand qu'e0 y eatre, pourquoi pas tirer e0 pile ou face le gagnant? Je verrais vraiment pas de diffe9rence. Qu'on aime le soccer ou pas, il est inde9niable que rien ne laisse supposer que le gagnant d'aujourd'hui est le meilleur. Une couple de tirs faits diffe9remment et l'Italie n'est soudain plus la meilleure e9quipe. (Une chance que mon fre8re, qui n'aime tout de meame pas plus le soccer, est dans le coin, sinon je serais jamais capable de me rappeler des e9quipes ou de qui a gagne9. Je pensais que c'e9tait le Portugal.) Peut-eatre que quelques parties de plus auraient fait des Oilers d'Edmonton les champions de la Coupe Stanley, mais il est inde9niable que les e9quipes qui se sont rendus en finale en e9taient des meilleures et qu'ils me9ritaient leur place. Meame si une partie s'e9tait termine9e en tirs de pe9nalite9, les fusillades au hockey demandent beaucoup plus d'adresse que celles du Soccer. En fait, je respecte encore plus le Golf que le Soccer en tant que sport.


guyhoyt Posted on Monday 11 Jan 2016

In 1998, France won the World Cup. Zidane was the player of the tournament.
In 2002, with virtually the same team as they had in 1998, France went out in the first round, because Zidane could not play due to injury.
In 2006, Zidane at that age of 34 he picked apart what many considered to be the greatest Brazilian team of all time. In the previous two knockout rounds, Zidane had already led France past a very talented Portugal team that included Christiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo and a Spanish team that would go on to win the next two European Championships and the following World Cup. Had he not been thrown out of the Final, there is no doubt in my mind that France would have won the tournament. Furthermore, the best players of his generation (ie. Ronaldo, Henry, Nedved, Scholes, Beckham), when asked, state that Zidane was the best player that they ever played with or against. Some of these players played on the same teams as Christiano Ronaldo and Messi. For me, someone who has played professionally, and many who have played at the highest levels, Zidane is, hands down, better than Messi. The only other two players who come close to being on the same level are Pele and Maradona, and in my opinion the game was different when both of those players played.


Anonymous Posted on Sunday 31 Dec 2017

Paul Gascoigne


Nxuba Posted on Tuesday 27 Nov 2018

I fully agree with you bro. Also, Zidane was the best in an era where the depth and skill of players was the most dense it's ever been. There was never a more competitive era. Zidane shone like a star in such an era. That's another vital factor that sets him apart. GOAT!