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Agatha Torrance talks to model Jacob Mallinson Bird about the thrills, spills, and celebrity encounters of MFW.

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Agatha Torrance spoke to model Jacob Mallinson Bird about the thrills, spills, and celebrity encounters of MFW...

AT: What was your favourite show to walk in and why?

JB: Definitely the Raf Simons show in Paris. I've always been a huge fan of the brand, and of Raf's work in general, so to be a part of the show was phenomenal. The clothes were beautiful, and the styling/hair/makeup was impeccably conceived and executed. It really was a dream job. Plus, Kanye West was sitting in the front row, which is always exciting!

AT: What were the most difficult pieces to walk in?

JB: Most difficult piece to walk in this season was a mask that I wore for Craig Green in London. My mask was essentially a jagged plank of wood, with pinpricks around the eyes so you could at least see something. I had basically no peripheral vision, which was just a little disconcerting... But, it did look amazing. My mask was one of the easier ones though - other boys had these huge 3 foot by 3 foot jagged structures over them. They were really stunning.

AT: Which was your favourite collection of this season and why?

JB: I'm not sure if I really have a favourite. My personal style is quite changeable, so there are quite a few that I like. Obviously, as I've said, the Raf Simons collection was beautiful, and I'm already saving for some pieces. The Rick Owens collection was also brilliant, and the show had a really great atmosphere. The jewellery and accessories from John Lawrence Sullivan were some of my favourites, with these large statement pieces with geometric shapes and designs. Louis Vuitton had some stunning fur outerwear, as ever. But, I think my personal must-have/most covetable item is the Valentino cape - I'd die for it!

AT: What was the most surreal moment?

JB: The whole thing is quite surreal! But I think the most surreal moment this year was in Milan at the Calvin Klein party. I was waiting for a friend of mine to come out of the bathroom, when I saw this blonde girl from the back, wearing an amazing Calvin Klein dress. I tapped her on the shoulder to compliment her, and when she turned round I saw that it was Ellie Goulding. Somehow I managed to quell the fangirl within and we had a nice chat about London. Then at the end of the night she came over and said goodbye to me. SO surreal! She even follows me on Twitter now!

AT: Anything you didn't expect from the week?

JB: I really didn't anticipate how stressful and tiring it would be. You're running around all day, queuing for hours on end for a 5 minute casting, and you might start at 8am and finish at 2 or 3am. But it's still fun because you're excited, and get to meet all these amazing people, and you're with your friends - and the glamorous side is there as a reward afterwards.

AT: Will you be returning to Fashion Week next season?

JB: Definitely! This season I did London, Paris, and Milan, and I plan to do the same next season, if it sits well with university. Because university is such a time commitment it's hard for me to do lots of editorial during the year, but luckily fashion week fits nicely into my vacation time. Plus, it means I get to see model friends who live abroad, so even if work goes badly during FW you're still with all your friends.

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