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Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook deftly handles the issue of mental illness.

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Director: David O Russell
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro
Length: 138 minutes

Sliver Linings Playbook is a romantic comedy about Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) who find common ground in their depression and begin preparing for a dance competition together.

The premise of this movie means it could be very depressing but it really isn't, it is one of the funniest romantic comedies I have ever seen. This film is brilliantly acted, despite Jennifer Lawrence seeming a little too young to be a widow after a 3 year marriage, she is very convincing. Bradley Cooper, who normally plays charming playboy, is brilliant as a socially awkward misfit. He is so successful because of his subtle approach, the fact that he barely blinks in the film suggested that no everything is right behind those powerful blue eyes. Despite the age difference between Lawrence and Cooper they have believable chemistry that makes this a great movie. In this film Robert De Niro reminds us that he is an amazing actor, who can turns his hand to anything. Even Chris Tucker whose previous films have been a bit hit or miss has some great one liners that helps emphasis that this is a comedy in essence.

When dealing with such a difficult subject like metal illness in a comedy you have to be so careful not to be seen as mocking the inflicted. But this film doesn't, not only makes us laugh but makes us feel comfortable about laughing. This film reminds us that it is okay to smile and to laugh, if these two who face such adversity can get though it then we too can conquer any obstacle in our way. At the heart of this is Bradley Cooper's performance his tactless way of approaching difficult issues is hilarious and he delivers his lines so naturally that the comedy is heightened.

Hollywood has a focus on making films believable. The script is hilarious, but also plausible, the chaotic fast pace of the dialogue makes it seem like we are observing a family dealing with the difficulties that come with people who are suffering with any form of mental illness. The script magically merges comedy with the other complex and possibly depressing themes. This is backed up by outstanding acting. All in all this is a great film, that restores your faith in the world. This is the epitome of a 'feel good movie', and should be a blue print for all rom-coms, it pulls on your heartstrings but also makes you laugh. If you love rom-coms please go and see this film you will not regret it.

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1 Comment

Ali Posted on Sunday 17 Jan 2021

"Widow", not "Window". Good review.


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