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Alcuin JCRC Results

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Joshua Lee has been elected as Chair of Alcuin College. With a total of 193 votes the outgoing Communications Officer beat his first year opposition, Alex Bassick, who obtained 68 votes. The results of this year's JCRC elections were announced at the Alcuin's Christmas Ball last night. This term saw a noticeable increase in the number of students voting. Last year, Pascal Dubois, the outgoing Chair, won with just over 80 votes. On Wednesday evening, ten positions on the Committee were won by candidates with over 100 votes.

Several positions this year were fiercely contested over. Beth Needham, Nathan Allcock and Hannah Gibbons were elected as Merchandise Reps, with only ten votes between them and the other candidates. This result placed the winning team only one point above the threshold. Due to the AV voting system, if the Merchandise result had been any closer, nominations would have had to be reopened. The new RAG officers, Charlotte Wainwright, Helen Shanley and Honor Stott were elected onto the committee with only eight votes between them and their opposition.

As the evening drew to a close, Pascal thanked each member of the last year's Committee individually, for their support. He also urged the 300 members of the College who had attended the ball to support their new Committee by attending events and promoting Alcuin in general. "When I first arrived at Alcuin, I was told bad things about Alcuin. I want everybody to arrive at Alcuin and hear about what a brilliant place it is".

Joshua Lee thanked everybody who had voted for him. He also gave commiserations to Alex Bassick and promised that he would do what he could to ensure his opposition would sit on the Committee. The new Chair was ecstatic about the high turnout for both nominations and voting.

He commented: "Student involvement has been so much higher this year. We had record Freshers tickets sales and a record amount of people running for the JCRC. Students want to get involved in college life any way they can."

Lee went on to express his optimism about Alcuin's future. He believes there is a still a lot he and the new Committee can do to improve the College for both current students and incoming students. "I'm really glad I've been given the chance to make a real impact in Alcuin. Alcuin has moved on leaps and bounds and I can't wait to get going in 2013."

Full Results

Chair: Joshua Lee
Vice Chair Welfare: Beth Campbell
Vice Chair Business: Charlotte Russell
Treasurer: Gary Man
Secretary: Barbara Grant
Female Welfare: Chloe Rowan and Charlotte Briggs
Male Welfare: Huw Rees and Charles Watson
LGBTQ Rep: Pete Gaffney
Social Secretary: Lewis Ratto, Calum Brown and Emma Henderson
Merchandise Rep: Beth Needham, Nathan Allcock and Hannah Gibbons
Creative Marketing Officer: Tasha McNaught
Social Media Officer: Laurence Morgan
Sports Rep: Grace Clarke, Andy Fernando, James Luca Burroughs, Melissa Turner and Tiffany Deans-Green
Environment and Ethics Officer: Freya Squires
I.T Officer: Kai Tham
RAG Officer: Charlotte Wainwright, Helen Shanley and Honor Stott
Volunteering Officer: Harriet Page and Sarah Brown
International Officer: Lizzie Kenchington and Ian Leong

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