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Review: Miss Hazard

Lucy Dickens reviews the Norman Rea's latest exhibition, 'Miss Hazard.'

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Venue: Norman Rea
Runs: 26th November-9th December

Stonegate's regular student haunt, Evil Eye, is home to a large mural painted by the artist, Miss Hazard, giving an indication of her style. The urban street artist, normally known as Harriet Wood, is currently studying in Bristol but still finds time to indulge in a range of artistic styles. At the exhibition you'll find everything from printed tees to sketches to huge spray-painted canvases, showcasing this talented artist's ability to express her vision through a range of mediums.

The main gallery space is occupied by two large sprayed boards. Vibrant colours are accentuated by their contrast to the stark white room. Dramatic visual impact arrests the attention. Some gallery goers felt that the room was a little too bare and a few more pieces could have been displayed. Nonetheless, the aesthetic appeal of the pieces cannot be denied and they are definitely worth a browse.

The corridor showcased smaller canvases and sketches, in a variety of styles and media. Although all the art itself is influenced by the graffiti movement, there was a strong tribal vibe evoked in the colour schemes and detailed drawings. The interesting layering of broad flashes of paint and colour underneath intricate black line drawings provided a compelling contrast. The lack of didactic panels next to each painting was surprising at the student gallery, as it would have been interesting to read about the drawings.

All the pieces are up for sale, many were snapped up on opening night, but some are still available and are very affordable, even on a student budget.

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