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James JCRC results

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James JCRC election results were announced at the college's Christmas Ball, held at the Royal York Hotel on 2nd December.

Amidst the revelry of the night, outgoing members of the JCRC revealed the new committee - with the race for Welfare Rep proving to be very tight indeed. None of the candidates failed to gain the necessary majority and so after six rounds of eliminations, Kirara Sato emerged the victor.

A promising executive committee has also been elected. The new Student Development Rep is to be Rory Mercer who will be drawing on this past year's experience as Sport's Rep. Jamie Fairhurst, who intends to defend the existence James' 'Fresher Parents and Grandparents', was announced Welfare Vice Chair. Dan Ashcroft, who intends to "make James the place to be", is to be the incoming Services Vice Chair. The new JCRC Treasurer is second year Robert Bartlett.

In her final appearance as James College chair, Laura Watson announced Dexter Clarke as her successor. Clarke's policies mainly focus on increasing openness, aiming to make the JCRC's presence felt within the college most notably by promising to visit every kitchen once a term. The new chair also intends to increase interaction between the Welfare and Events committees, which will hopefully increase social accessibility within James and give Welfare a more prominent role.

Election Results
Chair: Dexter Clarke
Student Development Rep: Rory Mercer
Welfare Vice Chair: Jamie Fairhurst
Services Vice Chair: Dan Ashcroft
Treasurer: Robert Bartlett
Annual Events: Harriet Gibson
Ents: Hannah Geddes
Press and Publicity: Liz Blum and Christina Sztolin
Extraordinary Rep: Elise Kemp
Sports Reps: Izzy Hutchinson and Nish Selvakumar
Eco Rep: Max Potter
International Rep: Alexis De Boeck and Ankita Gangotra
Welfare Rep: Kirara Sato
Access Rep: Zohra S Khan
Rag: Emily Hudson
N Block Rep: Charlie Kingsbury

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