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Goodricke JCRC results

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The results of the Goodricke JCRC elections were announced at The Glasshouse on Saturday December 1st. The position of Goodricke Chair was won by Dean Hickey, beating his opponent Matt Ayres by 230 votes to 182 in the second round of voting.

The position of Chair had been fiercely fought over. Hickey, a 2nd year law student, drew upon his experience as Goodricke JCRC Environment and Ethics Officer, and his success in the lobbying of Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, for more regular buses to Heslington East. His campaign focused on getting a permanent shop and cashpoint on the Hes East campus, investment in Goodricke sport and his determination to continue working with YUSU to ensure better bus services for Hes East residents.

The candidates needed a total of 228.5 votes in the first round in order to win the position of the Chair. None of the candidates managed this quota, with Benjamin Caterer gaining 13 votes, Alex McDonald gaining 63, Matt Ayres gaining 156 and Dean Hickey taking the majority, with 217 votes.
The second round vote was fought between Ayres and Hickey, with a quota of 206 to win. Ayres took 182 while Hickey took 217, winning the position of Chairperson.

Other competitively fought positions included Female Welfare Officer, which was won by Paula Gallagher, and Social Officer, which was taken by Tara Annison and Hayley Calvert. David Cribb, running unopposed, won Vice Chair for Welfare.

Results are as follows:
Janet Baker Court Representative: Joe Mortimer
Oliver Sheldon Court Representative(s): Lara Demirci and Amalie Nordberg Juel
Kenneth Dixon Court Representative: Election void - To be re-run alongside the January By-Elections.
Newsletter Officer: Scott Dawson
Marketing Officer: Hannah Quigley
Sponsorship Officer: Alex Kontos
Technical Officer: Saul Rennison
Volunteering Officer(s): Nikolaos Kontraros-Tsiokos, Mark Shapiro and Shaunna Edwards
RAG Officer: Aidan Swietochowski
Environment and Ethics Officer: Gabriella Demetriou
Merchandise Officer: Steph Carter
Sports Officer(s): Tom Merriman, Fabian Ashurst and Daniel Weston
Entertainments Officer(s) (ENTs): Josh Douglas and Lucy Shiplee
Bar(less) Officer(s): Nicole King and Mitchell Salter
Social Officer(s): Tara Annison and Hayley Calvert
Female Welfare Officer: Paula Gallagher
Male Welfare Officer: Connor Bennett
Secretary: Katie Kynaston
Treasurer: Koren Randell
Vice Chair for Services: Mason Gurney
Vice Chair for Welfare: David Cribb
Chairperson: Dean Hickey

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