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Langwith JCRC election results

Langwith College's JCRC election results were announced at its Christmas ball, held at the National Railway Museum on Friday

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Langwith College's JCRC election results were announced at its Christmas ball, held at the National Railway Museum on Friday.

Approaching Langwith College from the centre of Heslington East, you see huge letters on an upstairs kitchen window, which spell "Sam is King". Indeed, Sam Maguire has been elected Chair of the college's Junior Common Room Committee. A former Head STYC and Volunteering Officer, standing under the name "Sam Maguire (Irish)", Maguire beat off competition from outgoing Ordinary Member Amy White.

Some of Magire's policies revolve around problems that may already be close to solved, such as improving the amenities on Heslington East through the addition of a shop and cash machine, and increasing the frequency of buse services to the campus. His target of 24-hour portering for the college may hinge on the result of the ongoing YUSU referendum, which includes the question of whether YUSU should lobby for this in every college. But Maguire also has ideas for generating a buzz around the college, by attracting more societies to use the nearby "state-of-the-art" facilities, and through such events as a college trip to Europe and competitions against Durham University's colleges. Along with other electees, he hopes to double down on the college's involvement in sport.

Sam Maguire

Vice Chairperson for Welfare
Harry Toynton

Vice Chairperson for Entertainment
Ed Kent (uncontested)

Lee Cook

Dan Buchan

Entertainments Officers
Stephanie Reddel, Lloyd 'Bieber' Richardson, Harry Barber and Sean Gater

Bar Officers
Fiona Kingwill, Kirstie Mackay, Chloe Varty and Alex Billings

Sports Officers
Mark Starling, Marcus Campbell, Becky Coomber and Charlotte Laverick

RAG Officers (2 people)
Kiara Brennan and Emma Bowler

Volunteering Officers
Kathryn (Katie) Turner

Web Officer
Laurence Joseph Smith (uncontested)

Sponsorship Officer
Romit Patel (uncontested)

Newsletter Officers
William Murray and Alex Killeen (uncontested)

Publicity Officer
Natalie Cox (uncontested)

Equipment Officer
Joe Rees-Jones

LGBT Officers
Daisy Hale and Ricky Staniland

International Officer
Luisa Hohmann (uncontested, 2 positions available)

Ordinary Members
Hannah Coyle and Eun Bi Sophia Oh (Four positions available)

Off-Campus Officer, Disability and Access Officer, Campaigns Officer, Merchandise Officer, Environment and Ethics Officer
No candidates

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