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Derwent JCRC results

Anmoli Sodha has been elected Chair of Derwent's Junior Common Room Committee, beating fellow candidates Simon Varley and Adam Seldon in an incredibly close race (Thumbnail credit Credit: Derwent College)

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Anmoli Sodha has been elected Chair of Derwent's Junior Common Room Committee, beating fellow candidates Simon Varley and Adam Seldon in an incredibly close race. All the candidates appeared emotional after hearing the results, which were announced on Friday evening in D Bar.

Sodha described her feelings of "jubilation" at hearing the result, but paid tribute to her fellow candidates and expressed sadness at them no longer being JCRC members: "My two runners-up would've been very worthy winners. It was a hard-fought race, and I really do hope that they both stay involved."

She described internal and external communication as being her first priority as Chair, as this was something she felt had to be "addressed at the beginning of term as it sets a precedence for the rest of the year." Working on online presence was also a priority, though Sodha noted the difficulty in doing this without an elected webmaster, something she said she would address as soon as possible.

Sodha's total of 253 votes beat former Sports Rep Simon Varley by only 38, whilst Seldon was a further 107 votes behind. The other two candidates thanked their supporters throughout the campaign and everyone who had expressed support.

The chair results were received with surprise by many at the event, with several members of the losing campaigns reduced to tears.

Other close contests included the Campaigns Officer post, which Emma Sanderson and Maddy Kirkman clinched over opponent Thomas Ron by just under 40 votes; Vice-Chair Welfare, in which Rosie McCluskey and Ed Moore beat first-year team Lizzy Roberts and Chris Worthington; and Vice-Chair Ents, with Marte Retzius and Agatha Torrance losing out to Chris Judge and Joel Brocklehurst.

Here's the full Derwent JCRC for 2012/13:

Chair: Anmoli Sodha

Vice Chair - Welfare: Rosie McCluskey & Ed Moore

Vice Chair - Ents: Chris Judge and Joel Joel Brocklehurst

Secretary: Hayley Carr and Ellie Burch

Treasurer: Stephie Hines

Sports Reps: Ally Walker, Izzy Ashton, Mike Whittall, Rachel Brooke

Campaigns Officer: Emma Sanderson and Maddy Kirkman

Alumni Rep: Benjamin Ruthven

LGBT Rep: Tom Clark

Bar Rep: Matthew Elvin, Josh Nicholls, Katie Redgrave, Lucy Melkowski

Volunteering Rep: Tessa Barratt and Caitlin O'Kelly

International Reps: Jashan Bhatia and Andrea Bustamante

Eco Reps: Meg Opie and Lily Horton

Sponsorship Reps: Alexander Nicholson and Jol Hutchings

Press and Publicity: Esther Cameron and Sarah Cattle

Merchandise Reps: Maddy Cruz and Mark Robson

RAG Reps: Ben Leatham and Lydia Gorick

Ents Rep: Elizabeth Villanueva, Lucy Winship, Maisie Kelly, Samuel Davies

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Derren Brown Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.


Alan B'stard Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Derren Brown that comment made my day!


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