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Vanbrugh JCRC results

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The results of the Vanbrugh College JCRC elections were announced on Friday evening at Vanbrugh's Volume event, with a large crowd gathering on the dance floor to hear the results. The announcements were a brief affair, given that the position of Chair is yet to be elected and there were no nominees for 11 of the positions including Secretary, Webmaster and LGBT Rep.

Will Addy won the uncontested position of Treasurer. Vanessa Villanueva was elected to the position of Welfare Vice Chair by 95 votes, eliciting a huge cheer from the audience. Vincent Waddelove secured the position of Events Vice Chair by a margin of 64 votes, stating 'I'm very pleased by the result and really looking forward to getting to work' and outlining his intention to build on the work of the last JCRC. One of the more highly contested positions, Female Welfare Rep, was won by Lizzie Routledge by a margin of 67 votes.

The nominations for Chair will close Wednesday Week 9, voting will open on Monday Week 10 and will close on Wednesday of Week 10. By-elections for other un-nominated positions will be held in the Spring Term.

Results are as follows:
Treasurer - Will Addy
Events Vice Chair - Vincent Waddelove
Welfare Vice Chair - Vanessa Villanueva
Sports Rep - Caitlin Graham
Overseas Rep - Catherine Pilling
Over 21 Rep - Katie Meyrick
Female Welfare Rep - Lizzie Routledge
Rag Rep - Eoin Roe, Jeremy Hatchad
Music Rep - Joe McGrail
Environment and Campaigns Rep - Charlie Pottle
Bar Rep - Declan Dillane
Ent Rep - Jessica Keir, Emily Watson, Sabrina Carroll, Felicity Hill, Mary Pattison, Sam Nixon
Press and Publicity Rep - Faith Whitehouse
Le Page Rep - Aaron Hooper
Wentworth E Rep - Michael Duncan
Merchandise Rep - Paul Spencer
Sponsorship Rep - Christian Boyle, Shirley He

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Michelle Sutclief Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Why can't you sit down in Vanbrugh? BECAUSE THERE'S NO CHAIR!


TL072 Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019



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