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Vanbrugh Hustings

Vanbrugh College Hustings took place at 8pm on Wednesday Week 8 in Vanbrugh College Canteen (Thumbnail credit Credit: Vanbrugh College)

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Vanbrugh College Hustings took place at 8pm on Wednesday Week 8 in Vanbrugh College Canteen.

The candidates for RAG Representatives, Eoin Roe and Jeremy Hatchad, ran as a pair. They spoke about the need for greater college participation in charity events, with ideas such as a drag night and a foam party. The issue of college events was also addressed by the candidates for Events Vice Chair and Entertainment Representatives.

Vincent Waddelove, Events Vice Chair candidate, explained his intention to use a 'round table approach' when working with the Events team. The candidates for Events Representatives, George Lane and a group consisting of Jessica Keir, Emily Watson, Sabrina Carroll, Felicity Hill, Mary Pattison and Sam Nixon explained their plans for upcoming Vanbrugh events, in particular more live music. When asked how they would deal with large queues and delays at Volume events, Felicity Hill told the audience they would "send out the Christian Union to entertain them with free pizza".

Greater inclusivity within the college was a vital theme for many of the candidates. Katie Meyrick, the candidate for Over 21 Representative, emphasised the need to focus on a wide range of ages, "not just 18-year-olds", and on getting mature students more involved in college life. The nominee for Overseas Representative, Catherine Pilling, spoke about how best to welcome international students, particularly during Freshers week, and to help those who initially feel out of place.

Lizzie Routledge, standing for Women's Welfare Representative, focused on the need to improve the STYC system and how the welfare team can support STYCS. Condom distribution featured heavily in Welfare Vice Chair nominee, Vanessa Villanueva's speech, in which she explained her intention to create welfare drop in sessions twice a week, so that "anyone can drop in and grab a condom".

10 positions in total were uncontested including Treasurer, Bar Representative, Overseas Representative, RAG Representative and Merchandise Representative and there were no candidates nominated for 12 of the positions.

The Vanbrugh Chair nominations have been extended until Friday of Week 8, due to both of the original candidates dropping out shortly before the hustings. Matt Stephenson, outgoing Vanbrugh Chair, confirmed that there have now been several nominations for the position of Chair but they are yet to be announced. Only one of the nominees for the position of Chair, Joshua Treacy, spoke at the hustings. He emphasised the need for a "bolder college spirit" and the importance of college pride. In terms of practical concerns Joshua spoke about finishing the construction work on Vanbrugh bridge and about developments to V Bar.

Several members of the audience raised concerns about the quality of accommodation, in particular Wentworth E, and the fact that many current Vanbrugh first year students were forced to take catered accommodation. Joshua told the audience that these issues would be taken up with the university and stated his commitment to making sure that students "get their money's worth".

Voting closes Friday Week 8 for all positions except Chair. The nominations for Chair will close Wednesday Week 9, voting will open on Monday Week 10 and will close on Wednesday of Week 10.

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