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Goodricke Hustings

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Goodricke hustings took place in the Glasshouse on Hes East last night. The overarching themes included a cash point situated on campus, a permanent shop, Wi-Fi for halls, regular busses and sport. Some positions were not stood for, including LGBT, disabilities and international officers.

Apart from the Chair, Female Welfare Officer was one of the most hotly sought after positions, with five candidates running. All stated that more welfare events were necessary for Hes East, such as drop in sessions to help overcome exam stress.

The position of Social Officer was also competitive, with Hannah Mccready and Rachael Cryer in one corner versus Tara Annison and Hayley Calvert in the other. Hannah and Rachael were the first to speak, promoting socials "every 2 weeks" including trips to Newcastle, Edinburgh and Dublin. They describe themselves as "sociable and approachable" whilst promising to fight for Goodrickers on the JCRC. Meanwhile, Tara and Hayley wished to "get everyone involved, no matter what year," as well as organising trips "all year round" in the UK and Europe. "Beer pong tournaments" proved popular with 'the lads', whilst the continuation of pizza/quiz nights received a warm welcome from all.

The candidate for Vice Chair for Welfare, David Cribb, was unopposed. Firstly, he drew upon his past experience as 'Environment & Ethics Officer' in the JCRC last year. He helped pioneer 'Goodricke Food Tuesdays' as well as being a big STYC. David ensured that all groups, from LGBT to disabilities, are represented and stated he will work hard to get these positions filled in the new JCRC committee. He also wishes to focus on 'frontline welfare provision', as well as ensuring YUSU's 'priority campaigns', such as zero tolerance on sexual abuse, are promoted to Goodricke. After explaining how he would do things differently, such as welfare 'for everyone' and 'encouraging people to get involved', David said his perfect jacket potato had to be cooked for "1hr 27 minutes" with "coleslaw, beans and cheese."

Goodricke Chair was the most fiercely fought position. First up was Dean Hickey, a 2nd year law student. Like other candidates, he had a wealth of experience to draw upon, such as being Environment & Ethics Officer on the JCRC, a big STYC during freshers as well as being on the Law Society. His pioneering point was successfully lobbying Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, for more regular busses to Hes East for Goodrickers. He also noted that he raised £13,000 in Sponsorship from law firms for the Law Soc and would like to do the same for Goodricke by introducing a sponsored "discount card" for Goodrickers. Dean fought his campaign on six points; one he would continue working with YUSU for better bus services to Hes East. Like all candidates, he's also determined to get a permanent shop and cashpoint on Hes East, as well as opening the college up to freshers and investing in Goodricke sport. Dean rounded his speech by stating, "Goodricke deserves the best and that's what I'm going fight for."

Matthew Ayres was next to stand, stating that he wished Goodricke to be "fun," feel like students "belong" and that he wants it to be "great." Since Goodricke moved to Hes East, he wants to restore some of the "pioneering spirit" Goodricke showed at the time. He drew upon his experience in raising £5000 for the Prince's Trust Charity and working for John Lewis. He has also led an 'enterprise team' to success. If elected, Matt said he would lobby to get Wi-Fi in halls, along with a shop and cashpoint. Furthermore, he wants to promote fun events for Goodricke, such as a third big event in the 2nd term to coincide with the Christmas ball and Goodfest. Welfare and accessibility were also paramount, with a new unique 'Good Love' idea where pizza, soft drinks, snacks and movies are provided. Investing in Goodricke sport was key to Matt's campaign. If elected Matt wants to focus on sport, with sports focused 'team building' events for all Goodricke sports teams and their members.

Alex McDonald, a 3rd year studying Chemistry, was the final candidate to run on the day. His experience included captaining sports teams, holding last years JCRC Bar Rep, running the popular Goodricke Pub Quiz as well as other activities in Goodricke and STYCing. Like other candidates, Alex wishes to push for college Wi-Fi, cashpoint and shop for Goodricke. He also wants to organise more events at a college level, such as paintballing against Langwith, bar crawls and bowling. Alex stated that the recent Goodricke turnout for rowing was poor and so will work rigorously to improve sport in general. Furthermore, he believes it is only right to improve our relations with Langwith so we can try and integrate the two colleges for social events. Raising sponsorship for key events, such as Goodfest, from local and national businesses are high on his agenda.

All agreed that it was up to the chair to lead Goodricke in a new direction, maintain efficiency and ensure the interests of all Goodrickers are properly represented.

Polls open at 12:00 today (28/11/2012) yusu.org/vote

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