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Halifax Hustings

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Hustings for the Halifax JCRC elections took place in JJ's last night with only a few positions lacking interest. The recurring theme to the debate was the topic of improving JJ's and getting more second and third years involved.

Even for the smaller positions this was the case and those standing for Ents officers expressed a particular interest in trying to make use of the common room for things like sporting events. They also suggested that bar crawls should start out in JJ's rather than in individual kitchens.

For sports reps there was an emphasis on trying to reignite college sport at Halifax and try to re-assert Halifax's position as the best college for sport. There were also new suggestions for college sport including handball.

For many positions the suggestion was made again and again about trying to keep second and third years involved with Halifax so that when they move out they don't feel like they have left the college.

For the three Vice-President positions the candidates were unopposed however the hustings gave them a platform to share their idea. Matt Stallworthy, standing for Vice President for Activities, said he wanted to maintain Halifax's RAG record while at the same time introducing more volunteering events. He also said he wanted to re-energise sport at the college and have a JJ's with a purpose.

Rebekah Martin, standing for Vice President for Welfare, said she wanted to bring back drop in hours and for welfare to have a bigger presence at the college. She added that she wanted more welfare events, and would be looking at celebrating Chinese New Year, and stated that she would like to work more with YUSU.

The only candidate for Vice President for Services was Matt Winstanley. He said he wanted "bigger and better" events and to expand the Xtra branding further. He also said he would look for better sponsorship packages while making the website more accessible and up to date.

For the position of President there were two candidates; Marian Lally who held a position on the committee last year and Tom Wilkinson, a first year from the college.

One of the questions asked was how the candidates would try and improve events held at JJ's. Both agreed that the ideas for events were great but for some reason lots still don't got to them while Lally said that currently there is a "stigma" attached to events at JJ's.

Wilkinson pointed out that JJ's image needs to be improved for second years and next year's freshers.
The question came up of installing a cash machine or longer Costcutter opening hours at Halifax. Wilkinson suggested that Halifax should lobby for them or try to reduce the card limit at Costcutter. He also put forward the idea of looking for sponsorship for installing a cash machine so the HCSA didn't have to pay for it.

Lally agreed and said that with discussion with the Costcutter manager they could hopefully achieve something.
The theme of second and third years came up again with the question of how to get them involved in events. Lally suggested there was a lack of awareness since many second and third years don't get emails and that tickets were also sold in JJ's making it difficult for second and third years to get them.

Wilkinson said it was a shame second and third years didn't get involved and even went as far as to suggest a Freshers' Week for all years could be introduced while saying tickets should also be sold online.

Other questions that came up were on the topics of sponsorship, events, and getting their face out there. Both candidates expressed similar ideas including taking advantage of the fact Halifax is the largest college to get bigger events and better sponsorship.

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