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Alcuin JCRC Hustings

The Alcuin JCRC election hustings, which ran in conjunction with the weekly quiz held at The Courtyard, took place on Sunday, Week 7

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The Alcuin JCRC election hustings, which ran in conjunction with the weekly quiz held at The Courtyard, took place on Sunday, Week 7. The hustings began with speeches from campaigning ordinary officers and climaxed with second year outgoing Communication Officer, Joshua Lee, running against first year, Alex Bassick for the Chair position.

The night saw six candidates running for the position of Sports Rep and the uncontested pair of International Welfare Candidates waving homemade flags and throwing a Frisbee in order to demonstrate their commitment to the position. Uncontested positions included IT Officer, Social Media, LGBTQ Rep, Treasurer and Vice Chair for Business and Entertainments. The majority of positions on offer were run for, showing a widespread interest in the JCRC and the elections themselves.

The general theme of the speeches was that of spreading awareness about college events and the committee. Chloe Rowan and Charlotte Briggs, who were running for Female Welfare, highlighted the fact that Chloe was a first year, while Charlotte was in her second year. They believed this would be advantageous in raising awareness about welfare both on and off Campus. Three RAG candidates, Charlotte Wainwright, Helen Shanley and Honor Stott stated, "We want to make Alcuin the most charitable college on Campus".

Several positions witnessed direct competition between first and second years. Barbara Grant, a second year outgoing Ordinary Officer, who was running for the position of Secretary, emphasised the importance of understanding how the JCRC works when running for a big position. Beth Campbell, who was running against Alexander Ray, for the position of VC: Welfare and Support stressed her knowledge of how the Welfare System and in particular, the STYC system works as being her most valuable characteristic as a candidate. Beth also plans to scrap the annual Alcuin Summer Fete and replace it with something which is "unique to Alcuin" and can rival the attendance rates of other college events such as Goodfest and Big D. Alexander Ray, her opposition, focussed on his desire to improve Alcuin as a community and not just a college.

Charlotte Russell, the only standing candidate for VC: Business and Entertainments, spoke about the major role she wants to play in Alcuin's upcoming trip to Amsterdam, known as "Alcuidam". Charlotte also said she wanted to drive forward the visibility of the College. She spoke of the need for a large college sign and promised to seek out major sponsorship deals if she obtained the position.

Finally, the role of Chair was contested over. Joshua Lee, outgoing Communications Officer, spoke first. His ideas included future socials to Manchester as well as Leeds. As Communications Officer, Josh has put a lot of his efforts into raising the College's profile through Facebook. He said he aims to continue this with the addition of Alcuin accounts on Tumblr, Flickr. Josh also aims to maintain weekly socials. He ended his speech with the promise to deliver "the best Alcuin ever" with the new team.

Alex Bassick, a fresher who was running for the role, said he felt he could relate to others living on Campus - a quality he saw as essential for the role. He spoke of how he saw York as his "new home" and his aims to raise the College's profile so that it might be seen as "better than Derwent".

Online voting will begin on Wednesday at midday and close on Friday. Results will be announced at the Alcuin Snowball on the 5th December.

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