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US Election recap

Adam Highland wraps up the big moments of the campaign so far

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29 May: Romney wins the Texas primaries to clinch the Republican nomination. Obama leads in the polls by 2 pts.

30 July: Romney refers to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel during a visit, only days after he criticises London's readiness for the Olympics, raising doubts over his aptitude for foreign policy. Obama still by 2.

27-30 Aug: Romney delivers a solid and heartfelt, if unremarkable, speech to the Republican National Convention. Talks at length about family but fails to offer an alternative economic vision. Obama's lead narrows to 1.

4-6 Sept: Obama is overshadowed by wife Michelle and Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. In a pedestrian speech, the President attempts to frame the election as a choice between two economic paths, not a referendum on his term. Race tied.

11 Sept: A security breach at the Libyan embassy leads to the death of ambassador Chris Stevens. Obama is criticised for dismissing the attack as a backlash against an American anti-Islam film, but has benefitted from a post-Convention bounce. Obama leads by 4.

17 Sept: A surreptiously filmed video from a private fundraiser is leaked to the press, showing Romney claiming not to care for the 47% of Americans who pay no tax, because they will vote Democrat anyway. Obama by 3.

4 Oct: The two candidates go head-to-head in the first Presidential debate. Romney is adjudged to have won. Obama is criticised for looking detached and failing to address points directly. Trailing by 3 on the night of the debate, within a week Romney leads for the first time on Oct 9.

16 Oct: Obama narrowly wins the second and third debate, memorably mocking Romney's military policy in the final debate. But they do not have the same affect as the first, Romney still narrowly leads.

29-30 Oct: Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast, cancelling campaigning on both sides and arguably helping the President.

2 Nov: With less than a week to go the race is effectively all tied - Obama leads Romney 47.4% to 47.3%.

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