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Do I even like this?

Seriously, were you actually blown away or were you just quite impressed by how cool it looked?

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Stephen Chbosky's recent The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing example of a film with an enticing trailer. Who doesn't love a coming of age story featuring Emma Watson, the Harry Potter goddess? It turns out, me. The premise was good and it was by no means painful to watch but themes were swept over so rapidly without much explanation. After leaving the cinema and reading other reviews "BEST DRAMA/LOVE STORY......... GO AND SEE IT" and writing my own, I didn't see anyone mentioning the traumatic bonding between the protagonist Charlie and his Aunt Helen. Luckily Google had the answer to 'Did Aunt Helen molest Charlie?' and I hadn't made it up in my head.

In the ladies' later on, swelling reviews of Emma Watson's acting ability and believable accent surrounded me. I seemed to be the only non-American in there and the only one that thought she sounded awful and had such little character development that there was no way I could even begin to judge her acting skills past 'she was a bit rubbish'.

Later that evening, whilst eating the remainder of my pick and mix in bed, I thought back to previous films where I have felt a little unsure on my opinion and realised that sitting through Bicycle Thieves was actually quite hard and whilst I felt it was essential to watch and is understandably a landmark in film-making, it's not actually a film I would be able to wax lyrical about in the pub.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I have the film's plot mixed up with other classics in my brain. After my Amazon DVD delivery arrived in the post the other day and I opened it up, trying to decide between which Scorsese or Polanski 'Must See' I should put on first, it came to me. Don't bother, you're tired, just watch Bridesmaids for the twenty-seventh time, it doesn't matter that you know every.single.line, you know you like it. And I loved it. Naturally.

I can't be the only one to not have enjoyed Avatar and I maintain that good special effects are no excuse for bad story-lines. Seriously, were you actually blown away or were you just quite impressed by how cool it looked? Maybe I don't even like Emma Watson in Harry Potter? Maybe I don't even like Harry Potter? I don't know because we're so influenced by outside opinion. We're told that certain films are classics and I can hear my mum voice saying 'you will like it', the way she does with weird food and awkward drinks parties. I now can't think of any films I actually like.

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