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As the London Olympics come racing towards us, the fashion focus is strictly sporty

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Adorn yourself with the trademark swoosh logo and bounce around advising others to "Just do it", this is the Nike way of life.
The brand takes it's name from the Greek goddess of victory and although is at root a sports label, the fashion triumphs it achieved are something the catwalk growls at.
The Nike wish list for you stylish folk include the oh so 90's baseball cap with prominent swoosh logo, garments from their design collaboration with Jay Z and the crazy cool Air Jordan range. Nike plays the clothing industry like a champ, for example their recent NikeN98 track jacket was revamped by some of the best fresh meat of the designer world, including Julian J Smith. And they're also releasing NikeCraft - the Mars Yard Shoe is made with NASA materials technology.
Paris Bennett

Naturally, any designer would tremble at the thought of designing an Olympic kit that would be sure to make the nation proud, yet Stella McCartney jumped at the challenge. McCartney's aim was to unite the home team, both men and women, with one look that combined performance and style. And if this pressure wasn't enough, she also accounted for the desires of certain male competitors, such as Sir Chris Hoy, who stated, "I just want to look cool"!
While some were dubious that the designs didn't incorporate enough red, McCartney reassures with the fact that the kit has more red incorporated in it than the last two decades. British Vogue showed their support however, by tweeting, "Never has sportswear looked so chic". Team GB will be the envy of all nations.
Jess Holland

Chanel's cruise 2013 collection was unveiled last week; choosing the Chateau de Versailles as the backdrop and M.I.A. for the soundtrack, Lagerfeld created the perfect collaboration between 18th century French aristocracy and the 1980's era of the British Punk.
Initial pieces channelled the rebellious glamour of Versailles' most controversial and glamorous inhabitants - Queen Marie Antoinette and Madame Du Barry - and ragged hems on waistcoats and mini-dresses heralded Lagerfeld's nod to the Brits. Lagerfeld brought the show back into the present with a nod to Olympic styles; swimwear was one-piece and two-piece sleeveless outfits and vest-dresses allowed for plenty of movement, all paired with sequin-adorned trainers stamped with Chanel's iconic logo.
Frances Elisabeth

Fred Perry have stripped back to the classic and the basic for this Spring/Summer Men's collection which is where the brand's strength and credibility lies. The smartly understated polo tops, retro style sport jackets, iconic cricket jumpers and swanky sweats are on the ball with the increasingly popular trend for vintage casual wear, though Perry's collection has the added twist of tradition and a classy 'cool' edge.
The overall aesthetic of the collection reveals the aloof dandy sportsman while maintaining their accustomed and smart stylistic brand values. A cheeky polka dot polo is a classic item sure never to go out of fashion.
The accessories range shows further evidence of the sheer quality of design which proves Fred Perry's continual success.
Izzy Farmiloe

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