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Women's basketball show grit in Roses victory

York's women's basketball team put in an excellent performance against their Lancastrian rivals on Roses Sunday, beating them convincingly 32-28 (Thumbnail credit Image: Agatha Torrance)

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York's women's basketball team put in an excellent performance against their Lancastrian rivals on Roses Sunday, beating them convincingly 32-28. In truth, the margin of victory should have been greater, with York having dominated scoring in the first three quarters. However, they were able to hold off a late dramatic revival from the Red Rose, fully earning their four Roses points.

The opening quarter showed a York side firmly on top, dominating possession. However, for all their time with the ball, they should have enjoyed a greater lead, only opening a 6-4 margin by the dying stages of the period. It was a scrappy affair, with numerous infringements in particular committed by the Lancaster side. However, just before the whistle, Stefania Mataragka swept in a beautiful three pointer, taking the score to a more deserved 9-4.

The second quarter showed similar difficulties with the rarity of scoring. The hoops seemed incredibly unforgiving, causing problems for both teams. York scored a free throw, as well as two jump shots, to give them a 14-6 lead by the end of the half. Lancaster at this point seemed virtually impotent in attack, and were offering very little threat to the Black and Gold side.

Immediately into the third period, York scored another great three points, courtesy of the impressive Taylor. More points followed, with Lydie Mariutto scoring before Taylor again sank a three pointer. This precision was making the difference, but it was at this point that Lancaster found their lethal instinct. With a great intensity, they began to score without reply, cutting their deficit down to 24-18. This prompted York to call a time out, which allowed them to regain their composure and close out the period.

York again scored a three pointer early on, before a slight Lancaster response again brought them closer to levelling. Mataragka swished in another three pointer from a wide position for the White Rose, whilst captain Janne Billiet scored a nice jumper to calm their nerves. However, as the minutes ticked away, Lancaster were yet to give up. After scoring their first three pointer of the match, they earned a series of free throws with mere seconds left. Fortunately for York , they were only able to convert one of these many opportunities, symbolic of the wider Lancaster problems throughout the match.

After earning a 32-28 victory, captain Janne Billiet told Nouse, "I'm really happy with the result today. We were missing about five players today due to injury, so we're really pleased to have won."

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