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Netball seconds suffer crushing Roses defeat

A heavy defeat for the York netball seconds today earned Lancaster a further two points and left another dent in the University's effort to retain their title (Thumbnail credit Image: Agatha Torrance)

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A heavy defeat for the York netball seconds today earned Lancaster a further two points and left another dent in the University's effort to retain their title. Save for perhaps the first 15 minutes, which still ended 13-8 to he Red Rose, York were never really in it and played themselves regularly into trouble at the back.

The first quarter was free scoring and set the tone for the rest of the game. York's attacking instincts were clear to see and moving up court did not seem to be a problem. Superb centre Shadyn Nikzad was the creator of most York moves, splitting the Lancaster defence with her pinpoint passing, of near surgical precision. Her vision was done justice by an equally impressive Amy Moll and Amy Moye in an accurate attacking partnership; but for all York's fluidity going forward, this was not enough to paper over the cracks of a leaky defence, as miscommunication and slow reactions, saw them exposed by a quick fire Lancaster on the break.

At the start of the second quarter, Lancaster took control and at one point opened up a ten goal lead, capitalising on York's over commitment in advanced positions. Substitute India Perry scored three times in as many minutes, but any suggestion of a York comeback was soon quashed when Lancaster scored six in response. The rest of the game followed a similar pattern with Lancaster scoring several for every time York scored one.

The third quarter was frustrating for a number of reasons. Having been singled out, and quite rightly so, as the keystone in York attacks, Nikzad was overcrowded in the centre of the court, severely limiting the supply in the final third.

Tensions then boiled over as Lancaster were awarded a succession of seemingly soft fouls in threatening positions. And the misfortune was complete when Wing Attack Ellie McAlpine suffered an ankle injury late on.

In truth, Lancaster were out of sight by the start of the final quarter, but to their credit, York did not give up, and this was pleasingly acknowledged by both sections of the crowd, who applauded the team's efforts, to at least reduce the deficit if not overturn it.

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P+P Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

Whilst I understand that your articles have to be reflective of both sides, putting a picture of a single Lancastrian player is not only completely unreflective of the game but also seems a bit biased. It seems that this was the only image to hand and lazily put in- doesn't show the game at all.


Jonathan Frost Posted on Sunday 18 Aug 2019

@P+P I've changed the photo to something I hope you'll find to be more reflective of the game.
Nouse Web Editor


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