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Roses 2012: Interviews

Listen to all the Nouse interviews from Roses 2012

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All the interviews from Roses 2012:


Joe Walsh, the men's seconds indoor hockey captain

Alix Haywood, the women's seconds indoor hockey captain

Frankie Hall, York's indoor hockey women's firsts captain

Oliver Wheatley, the men's firsts indoor hockey captain

Jamie Smith, the ultimate frisby open captain


Baillie Watterson, mixed badminton captain

Michael Bloom, one of the try scorers in the men's rugby thirds

Steve Bryan, Rugby 2nds Captain

Tom Chadwick and Gabriel Adebiyi, Rugby 1sts

Gregor Morris, Man of the Match, Rugby 1sts

Milly Harvey, Women's A Canoe Polo captain

Alex Lonsdale, men's rugby seconds captain


Sophie Mason, women's fencing captain

Barong Huang, men's fencing captain

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Andrew Ryan Posted on Friday 4 May 2012

good stuff