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Roses Torch Relay begins

The new Roses Torch was tonight taken across campus, opening the first ever Roses Torch relay (Thumbnail credit Image: Philippa Grafton)

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The new Roses Torch was taken across campus tonight, opening the first ever Roses Torch relay.

Starting at the Sports Centre and finishing and on the Heslington East campus, the torch was carried by members of York's sporting community such as Charlotte Winter, York Sport President Elect, Andrew Kirkwood, Roses player of the year 2011, and Joe Boughtflower, 2010/11 Derwent JCRC sports rep and former Derwent football firsts captain.

The relay also included events at many of the handover points where students could have their photo taken with the torch.

Tomorrow, the torch will be cycled to Lancaster for Roses 2012 by more influential members of the York sport community alongside members of the Cycling Club, setting off at 8am and due to arrive in Lancaster around 6pm.

The torch was created as part of the 'Be a Champion' campaign to create student lead and Olympics inspired activity at universities across the country.

Chris Unsworth, York Sport Development Officer, led the project and said tonight that he feels it has been a great success.

Unsworth told Nouse, "It's gone well. Everyone's recieved it really well and got into the spirit of it, in terms of making more people involved than normal. The theme this year is participation, and this will hopefully help to extend Roses to the away side more."

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