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Tough groups come out of the hat in College Cup draw

Luke Gardener takes an in depth look at today's College Cup draw and makes his predictions for the group stage. (Thumbnail credit Last year's champions Halifax 1sts celebrate their victory, Image: Peter Iveson)

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Group 1:

Derwent 1sts
Wentworth 1sts
Langwith 2nds
Goodricke 2nds
Halifax 3rds
James 3rds

Group 1 sees two clear favourites to advance and Derwent 1sts will be incredibly happy with their draw. Their main competition will be Wentworth 1sts and potentially Goodricke 2nds. Langwith 2nds will face stiff competition from both Halifax 3rds and last year's semi-finalists James 3rds to qualify for the plate competition. I expect Derwent to comfortably win the group.

TEAMS TO QUALIFY: Derwent 1sts, Wentworth 1sts

Group 2:

James 1sts
Alcuin 1sts
Wentworth 2nds
Vanbrugh 2nds
Goodricke 3rds

Similar to Derwent, James 1sts will be happy with their Group 2 draw and are firm favourites to win it comfortably. Alcuin 1sts are not the force they once were but they should also qualify, with Vanbrugh 2nds likely to be the only challengers. The final plate position will be contested between Wentworth 2nds and Goodricke 3rds.

TEAMS TO QUALIFY: James 1sts, Alcuin 1sts

Group 3:

Halifax 1sts
Goodricke 1sts
James 2nds
Derwent 2nds
Alcuin 3rds
Vanbrugh 3rds

Group 3 is without doubt this year's 'group of death'. There are four teams that could win the group although Halifax 1sts will be given the favourites tag. I predict that we will see an upset in this group with either James 2nds or Derwent 2nds defeating Goodricke 1sts. It was a close call but I think James 2nds may just sneak qualification ahead of Derwent 2nds. Unfortunately Alcuin 3rds and Vanbrugh 3rds will have to perform miracles to qualify for the plate competition.

TEAMS TO QUALIFY: Halifax 1sts, James 2nds

Group 4:

Vanbrugh 1sts
Langwith 1sts
Alcuin 2nds
Halifax 2nds
Derwent 3rds
Wentworth 3rds

Vanbrugh 1sts will be delighted with their Group 4 draw and will have to fight off Langwith 1sts and Halifax 2nds to qualify. There is potential for a 1sts team to go into the plate competition in this group but I feel that Langwith will just have enough to qualify for the quarter finals in the cup. They have improved since last year while Halifax 2nds will lose the players which performed admirably for them last year to their 1sts squad. The final plate place will be contested by Alcuin 2nds and Derwent 3rds.

TEAMS TO QUALIFY: Vanbrugh 1sts, Langwith 1sts

Click here for details of the draw and the full list of group stage fixtures.

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Elliott Taylor-Wheeler Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

TBD to dominate group 2


Dimitar Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

TBD ftw!


The Realist Posted on Wednesday 24 Apr 2019

Got Group 3 spot on didn't you.


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