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Kallum Taylor takes Presidential victory in hotly contested elections

In what has been a close contest over the last two weeks, Kallum Taylor emerged victorious in the battle for YUSU President, winning by 2129 votes to Zahra Latif's 1745 in the fourth round (Thumbnail credit Photo credit: Philippa Grafton)

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Photo credits: Philippa Grafton, Agatha Torrance, Andy Davis, and Hoagy Davis-Digges

LISTEN to the reactions from some of the candidates on Thursday night

After a competitive two weeks, Kallum Taylor emerged victorious in the battle for YUSU President on Thursday night.

Polls throughout campaigning had put Taylor and Zahra Latif as the two to beat. In the end, however, Taylor comfortably won by 2129 votes to Latif's 1745, with Nacho Hernando rounding up the top three.

Taylor's 'Special K' campaign had made him a visible presence around campus and the support of his college, Vanbrugh, as well as the backing of most of the former college chairs propelled him to victory.

Immediately after winning, Taylor thanked his campaign team, telling Nouse: "I didn't think I'd won. The team put in so much effort, we were all over the place, trying our best and I think York wants someone who is going to be a person, not just another name on the door. That's what we need. It's a massive year and that might have been what won it.

"I always said I would try and do my own thing and focus on my own campaign, if you worry about other people you aren't going to get to sleep at night. You've got to keep going, keep doing what you are doing. People like who they like."

The first round saw the elimination of Abir Ahmmed, who had promised a moonbase if elected, and in the second: James Carney, Peter Warner-Medley and Thomas Stuart Taylor all failed in their bid for Presidency.

Hernando secured half of Taylor's votes, and less than Latif, in the third round, leaving the contest between the two favourites.

While most in the Lounge were ecstatic that Kallum had won, Peter Warner-Medley, who was sporting a penguin onsie, questioned the behaviour of some of the voters: ""Why would they vote for Kallum after me? You would surely vote for Zahra."

The position of Student Activities saw a surprise victory for Chris West with 1175 votes over Hannah Brearley and Helen Marrison. The exit poll earlier in the day had put West in front but his lack of direct experience within YUSU was seen by many as a hindrance.

However the cheers in the room suggested he had gathered considerable support throughout his campaign. West told Nouse: "I campaigned as much as I could have done and I don't think I could have done more."

The other three sabbatical positions were won largely as expected. Graeme Osborn was convincingly re-elected as Academic Officer defeating Eppie Leishman by 1665 votes to 801, while Bob Hughes will also be serving a second year as Welfare Officer after beating Lewis Haines and Hannah Wigley by 600 votes in the first round.

In the two-way contest for York Sport President, Charlotte Winter came out on top beating her rival Dong-Oh Shin for the position. Winter seemed overwhelmed by the win, while Shin accepted the defeat well.

Itai Choto, who was elected as one of the part-time Senate Reps, summed up the night and the feeling of all the winning candidates, by saying:

"I'm delighted to say the least, but the real job starts now. What we said has to become reality and I am looking forward to working with all the students."

The full results:

President: Kallum Taylor (2129 votes)

Academic Officer: Graeme Osborn (1655 votes)

Student Activities: Chris West (1175 votes)

Welfare Officer: Bob Hughes (1651 votes)

York Sport President: Charlotte Winter (1967 votes)

Campaigns Officers: Ben Dilks & Megan Cross (1305 votes)

Disabled Students' Officer: Emma Hersey (1064 votes)

Ents Officers: Chris Edwards & Sanchita Chawla (1469 votes)

Environment and Ethics Officer: Isobel Edwards (1076 votes)

International Officer: Mike Anstey & Ankita Chawla (1149 votes)

LGBT Officer: Leon Morris (1333 votes)

Mature Students' Officer: Minal Supri (1053 votes)

Racial Equality Officer: Asiya Elgady (738 votes)

RAG Officers: Erin Cork and Becky Mursell (1613 votes)

Volunteering Officer: Louisa Moorhouse (923 votes)

Women's Officer: Emma Hawkins (1459 votes)

Student Trustees: Harry Clementson and Megan O'Kane (471 and 483 votes respectively)

Senate Reps: Hussein Kisevini, Itai Choto, and Harry Toynton (340, 360 and 391 votes respectively)

Union Chair: Nick Hall (729 votes)

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