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York and Hull draw in Varsity but the real winner is Mixed Martial Arts

In a packed L/N/028, York and Hull met in what can only be described as a brutal evening of Mixed Martial Arts.

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Images: Philippa Grafton

In a packed L/N/028, York and Hull met in what can only be described as a brutal evening of Mixed Martial Arts. With eight bouts being contested among a raucous atmosphere, York and Hull won four fights each, but the real winner was the sport of MMA.

The rules were simple; there would be three rounds of three minutes. You could win by knock out or submission or via the decision of the judges if the fight went the full distance. Headshots were prohibited for safety reasons.

The first fight was an all-female affair which saw Nettie Borrell of York win via unanimous decision from the judges. The highlight of the bout was the final round in which Borrell dominated her opponent from Hull, choking her opponent for almost the whole three minutes.

Next up it was the York President of MMA Niall Durkan in action, but his Hull opponent took him down with three consecutive throws in the opening round and it didn't look good for York. However Durkan soon regained control dominating his opponent in the second and third rounds connecting with a number of punches to the chest of his opponent to take the win.

York were 2-0 up but Hull were to win the next fight convincingly with the tenacious Michael Boggy locking in a headlock before hammering away at the ribs of his opponent later in the fight. It was once again a unanimous decision from the judges.

Hull were to pull level in the next fight when Jonathan Lloyd Evans had no choice but to tap out to a sleeper hold from his opponent. The fight had been stopped just before as the Hull man was not wearing any groin protection. Durkan sportingly leant the Hull man his and the score was now at 2-2 after half of the fights had been completed.

The fifth bout was to be the tie of the competition as two heavyweights collided. Jonathan Coe took on the man from Hull simply known as Jesse. The crowd came ever closer to the fight, creating an electric atmosphere. The first round began with a huge staredown before each man was careful not to get caught.

The action occurred in the second round when Coe managed to get his opponent into a headlock on the floor and applied more and more pressure. The crowd were going crazy, sensing an imminent York victory as Jesse tapped out to the jubilation of the York supporters.

The next fight was the shortest of the afternoon with York taking it in the first round and taking a 4-2 lead with just two fights to go. Herbert van Litsenburg won with an arm bar which looked excruciating for the Hull combatant to endure. He quickly tapped out and York were in the driving seat to win the competition.

Edward Bradshaw was next up for York in what was to be the closest match of the evening and the result could have gone either way. Unfortunately the judges decided the Hull man had just done enough mainly because of his impressive performance in the opening round and it was now 4-3 to York with one bout to go.

In what was dubbed the exhibition match between Miguel Terol of York and Magid of Hull, the man from Hull simply overpowered his opponent, switching between strikes and submissions throughout all three rounds to give the judges a simple decision in determining the winner.

This meant that in the first ever competitive fight for the York team they had drawn 4-4 with Hull, but can take great satisfaction from their performances. Speaking to Niall Durkan after the last fight, he was "really proud of everyone today. It was a learning experience, we fought hard and everyone was well prepared."

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