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Philippe Andely
1st Year Politics and Economics

How would you describe your look?

I would interpret my look in this shoot as preppy geeky chic. In general I do tend to alternate between different fashion genres for example casual smart and preppy etc., however nothing too over the top.

If you had to choose three of your favourite fashion labels or designers, who would they be?

Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren & Banana Republic.

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

Definitely shoes, I love brown shoes as they are compatible with many outfits and other colours of clothing, as it is a calm and neutral colour. Shoes are always the essential classic element to finish off a perfect outfit.

After living in Paris prior to you coming to England, which country would you say has enhanced your personal style the most?

I would say that my time in England has had more of an influence on my style. Living in England and due to me networking, has made me dress a lot more formal than I did whilst living in Paris. I believe that the way I dress is very influential as it is the first impression that people will have of me. England is cosmopolitan and out of control. I love it. Paris, however, has a lot more restrictions and rules as to how individuals are allowed to dress. Bright colours are also not seen as the norm in Paris, therefore people tend to dress very boring and bland which is a major loss for mainstream fashion in Paris. However, this is not always the case, as there are some underground fashion followings that are very trendy but they are not very pervasive in Paris.

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