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White Rose Varsity can have real value

This Sunday sees the return of Varsity, as our rivals from Hull travel up here for the second time after replacing York St John last year.

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This Sunday sees the return of Varsity, as our rivals from Hull travel up here for the second time after replacing York St John last year.

It may be a relatively new experience for them, but even more so for me - this will be my first taste of Varsity and of covering any tournament of this size.

Excited as I am, and as you all are of course, I have detected just a hint of apathy towards Varsity in my time here.

The idea seems to be that we always win, nobody cares that much, it's cold and we miss the Carling Cup Final.

A rehearsal for Roses (the one that really counts) is apparently the best justification the majority of people can come up with for it.

But, as an open-minded and optimistic fresher, I refuse to be dragged down by these dreary cynics.

After all, every University needs a few rivals - and from what I understand Hull are far more competitive than our previous opponents.

And although Lancaster are the arch-enemy, there is certainly room for one more.

For me, this situation would be the equivalent of Sunderland playing Middlesbrough rather than Newcastle.

True, most Sunderland fans barely take a game against Middlesbrough to be a derby, but anyone who witnessed the recent FA Cup clashes between the two sides will surely testify differently.

If there are any lessons to be learned from that match (and many others like it up and down the country) it is that if the fans get involved and invest some time and emotion then it can be a hugely enjoyable experience for all present.

And so what if it's just a practice for the big event in the Summer Term, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it nonetheless.

If clubs want to use it to breed some new talent then let them.

If it means that there are a few unexpected upsets in the results, then all the better.

The bottom line is that we should get out and enjoy the competition, whatever the weather and whatever the standard because events like this are unique and we won't get the chance to see too many of them.

So then, I implore you to get out there on Sunday and support your teams.

It will probably be cold and you might be able to do something more productive, but believe me you'll enjoy it.

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1 Comment

Ben McGladdery Posted on Friday 24 Feb 2012

Great article Dan! Guys come on down and support your uni! Campus will be buzzing with hundreds of cocky Hull supporters, so make sure you drown them out with chants of 'YORK!'

Night out at revs will be magnificent too! Only PS4 for queue jump AND a t-shirt!
For more info go to:

or search "White Rose Varsity 2012" on facebook!
See you there guys! xx