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YUSU election preliminary poll shows two candidates as the early front runners

A poll carried out by Nouse shows Kallum Taylor and Zahra Latif are clear front runners in the YUSU election presidential campaign (Thumbnail credit Photo credit: Andy Davis)

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A poll carried out by Nouse shows Kallum Taylor and Zahra Latif are clear front runners in the YUSU election presidential campaign.

Taylor received 35 per cent of the votes, whilst Latif emerged behind with 17 per cent. In third position was Peter Warner-Medley, with seven per cent.

The poll was conducted across both Heslington West and East on Saturday and asked over 200 students their opinion. Previous speculation suggested Taylor and Nacho Hernando to be the two most popular candidates, however, Nouse's preliminary poll suggests otherwise.

Benjamin Arnott, a Vanbrugh student, called the campaign "a two horse race" between Taylor and Latif.

Students were calling Taylor, "the hot favourite, the most experienced," "the only one they had heard of," and "the candidate with "the best policies". The former chairs of Derwent, Halifax and Langwith College have all come out and endorsed Taylor as their preferred Presidential candidate.

Latif too holds a firm footing in the running. One student, who knew Latif as a course representative and Vice-Chair of the Islamic society, described her previous commitment to the causes she had represented, as "extraordinary," and that Latif was the sole solution to YUSU's inaccessibility.

One first year Alcuin student described Latif as "an incredibly committed person who undoubtedly will be able to fulfil her manifesto, and bring you back into YUSU."

Peter Warner-Medley was labelled by one supporter as "the most experienced in dealing with YUSU and scaring officers into action."

There was evident excitement for Abir Ahmmed's pledge to build York its very own moon base, and an apparent admiration for Thomas Stuart Taylor's sense of humour.

However in the recognition poll conducted by Nouse, the two candidates from Goodricke College, Nacho Hernando and James Carney, found minimal support. Previous years suggest Hernando and Carney will gain the majority of the Goodricke vote, but with two candidates running from the college the vote could be split.

YUSU election candidates have only been able to campaign from last Friday, with a YUSU ban on campaigning in place before then.

25 per cent of students revealed that whilst they would vote, they were currently uncommitted to a particular candidate.

However not all the Presidential contenders have visibly launched their campaigns across campus yet.

Taylor is synonymous with his 'special k' campaign and Latif's teapot and green hat have attracted a similar level of attention.

Many students revealed they are yet to take the time to fully digest each candidate's manifesto and read each hopeful's policy ideas.

One Vanbrugh student admitted she was not convinced by any of the candidates so far, and advocated the need for "hard campaigning".

However, 19 per cent of students told Nouse they were not planning on voting.

One student remarked that the President "hasn't ever affected anything," and another commented that the President "doesn't make any difference to University life."

Despite all the publicity for the elections this year, several students still said they were unaware of the Presidential race or even the existence of YUSU on campus.

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6 Comment

V Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019



KT IS MY LEADER Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Kallum is doing a great job in this campaign- good to see someone with genuine passion for students


Bring on voting Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

PETER WARNER-MEDLEY FOR PRESIDENT!!! I met him and was wowed by his policies. It's not about bringing 'you' into YUSU, it's about bringing YUSU to us!


BM Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Kallum Taylor blew the crowd away during the question time with his energy and enthusiasm. KT for the win all the way.

People seem to be apathetic about YUSU as they demand instant results. but you must remember we are a UNION, the most a figurehead can do in their 1-2 years in office is make sure students voices are heard and that they point YUSU in the right direction for future generations. Kallum Taylor is the best man for the job. x


Yu who? Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

these 'polls' are never right, however i agree with taylor being the front runner. i then see the little recognised carney challenging him. he's not been around campus but has had a big online presence and has campaigned on nights out with the students, something i know has gone down very well.


TW Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

I voted for Latif because, as far as I know, she hasn't wasted anyone's time by waffling on about student politics during timetabled lectures. As charming as Taylor is, I'm rather unimpressed that he was given ten minutes during a lecture to canvass to us, to the visible annoyance of the lecturer. If he's elected, would he be willing to reimburse the fees I paid for contact hours wasted on him and a number of other YUSU candidates? :)


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