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Candidate Questions: York Sport President

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Nouse speaks to the candidates running for the position of YUSU York Sport President:

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your predecessor?

Charlotte Winter: The work that they done so far has been so good with the facilities we've had, we've now got the new infrastructure with the opening of the new sport centre and with this I think we need a new president to really up our game as a sporting university. I think that for how great York is in the academic sense and in all the societies we have, actually sporting wise we are quite lacking, we're not as good as we could possibly be and we now really need to work towards that with the new facilities in place. But the previous Presidents have done cracking jobs.

Dong-Oh Shin: One of his strengths was that he was a very commanding figure and was always seen out and about. He also made promises that he could stick to. What more do you want than someone who says thing and gets stuff done? There aren't that many weaknesses. There are small issues that arise such as kit problems but these are small problems when you look at the overall success he's had.

A lot of work has been achieved in the last few years, where do you plan on taking it next?

CW: This year I've been college sports officer and sitting on the committee has made me more aware of what I want to change. We have such great foundations, and now moving over to the new sport centre I really think we need to foster a new Identity. I want to encourage a more Team York feel and get everyone participating, get more spectators along and build it even bigger than it already is.

DS: One of my key aims is to look into the modernisation of the existing sports facilities. The lease on the sports tent only last until 2016 I believe at which point it needs to go back to council regards panning permission. So it's looking into a more permanent station for that. What other facilities do we need? We've got a 3G pitch coming, we've got a pool, now what else do we need? We need to look into that. What do sports clubs need? What's not working for them and why is it not working for them and let's make it better.

How will you encourage greater participation in specific sports at college level?

CW: We've really been trying to drive it this year, and I feel that we've actually done quite a good job so far. Obviously balancing this with our degrees is hard, but we've managed to get t-shirts out there and Facebook has been amazing as has social media generally. This Wednesday we've got the college swimming gala and so far most of the teams are already full which is a rarity, trust me! I really think just a big publicity drive both for college and University sports is really important - we can't just drive it in week one of Fresher's week, it has to be continuously driven. I think that come the end of term people think it's almost too late to join, but it never is and we need to make people aware of that. Also ensuring people can easily contact the York Sports committee more easily, so that they know who they are and they aren't afraid to come and join teams.

DS: I am a college player and as a hockey goalkeeper you don't get many opportunities to play outfield so college is a good to have a bit of fun. I will focus on encouraging participation and raising the awareness of the sports or sports in general. You need to have an effective system of communication with college and university level sports. I would try and do this by having big events like sports days and somehow link it to charity events as well and that would hopefully give people a taste of sport.

Do you think the role is too male orientated?

CW: Perhaps, but I don't think it's a hindrance. I'm just looking forward to campaigning now and hope that everyone will focus on the personalities of myself and the other candidates and not our genders.

DS: Not at all I mean before Sam Asfahani I remember Emily Scott being Sport President who also did a fantastic job. I don't see why sport should be overly male orientated at all it's purely a case of best candidate for the job.

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