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Alcuin JCRC results announced

The Alcuin JCRC results were announced last week with Pascal Dubois being elected as the new Alcuin Chair

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The results of this year's Alcuin JCRC elections were announced to students this month at the college's snowball.

The position of Chair went to the outgoing Male Welfare Officer Pascal Dubois, who defeated newcomer Wasim Akhtar. Dubois congratulated fellow members of the current JCRC for the "very successful" snowball and said that he was "greatly look[ing] forward" to working with the new JCRC and the college Provost to "give Alcuin the best experience possible" in the coming year.

The highly contested post of Vice Chair for Business and Services was won by Philip Naylor, beating Tom Macgregor and Ali Philips. Naylor said that his opponents "were great candidates" and that current secretary Issy Hall had done a "great job" running the elections.

He added that he had "a lot of hope and enthusiasm for the new term" and hoped that the new committee "can build on" the successes of the outgoing team. The other Vice Chair position, Welfare, was won unopposed by Abigail Watson.

Many other positions had only one candidate or set of candidates, with exceptions being the Male Welfare Officers, won by Gopun Jani and Panos Sgardelis; their Female counterparts Katie Rossiter and Stephanie Young; and the LGBT Officer Conor Roche.

Despite the number of positions unopposed or having to be filled in future by-elections, Naylor commented that the level of participation showed that "there are plenty of people who want to get involved" and hoped that next year there would be "even more competition."

The results are as follows:

Pascal Dubois

Vice-Chair for Welfare
Abigail Watson

Vice-Chair for Business and Services
Philip Naylor

Eloise Brien

Male Welfare Reps
Gopun Jani and Panos Sgardelis

Female Welfare Reps
Katie Rossiter and Stephanie Young

Conor Roche

International Welfare Reps
Amadea Ng and Gabrielle Dumont

Entertainment Reps
Ben Bugeja and Ben Lightfoot

Communications Officer
Joshua Lee

Sports Reps
Amy Ballard, Aimee Clarke, Frank Flight, Megan Knight and Alex Cormack

RAG Reps
Millie Perkins, Laura Macdougal and Helen Swainston

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News of the World Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Someone actually stood for the positions... That's news
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