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Langwith JCRC election results announced

Langwith JCRC announced their new committee for next year, with Jack Baker being elected as the new Chair

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Members of Langwith congregated after this year's Christmas ball in Yate's Wine Lodge to hear the results of this week's JCRC elections, which saw Jack Baker elected as the Chair to lead Langwith into a potentially defining year of change and relocation.

In keeping with the ground breaking differences that will follow Langwith college's relocation to the Heslington East campus, Jack Baker, who triumphed over the threshold of 77.5 votes with a count of 117, described his mission statement this year as one which would allow the new Langwith committee to "celebrate the time we have left on the main campus", embracing both the future and the past in a way that celebrates Langwith's established on-campus history, and allows for an "extremely excit(ing) and hopeful next year".

This attitude was mirrored in the selection of Vice Chairs Craig Burnell and Jason Brandwood, who gained their positions with a considerable margin of 70 and 61 votes over the necessary 48.6 votes needed to secure their position, allowing them to play a vital role in creating a "New Langwith" off campus. Burnell echoed this by stating that this year Langwith would be continuing the high standards of events and welfare that is currently available.

The spirit of expansion and growth was continued in the aims of the new Treasurer, Marinus Maris, who aims to maintain order during the, "big move to Heslington East", with a "greater transparency between committee and college".

While some positions were hotly contested during Monday's results, including the new International Representative Deiderik van Wersch narrowly scraping the post with the 55 votes necessary to beat a threshold vote of 52.3, the majority of new positions were taken by candidates with an overwhelming majority, such as the new Sports Representative team of Andy Hutt, Sam Morley, Cassandra Brown and Jess Paisley who gained a majority of 117 votes over the necessary 64 vote threshold.

Likewise, the new Equipment Officer Joe Rees-Jones who gained entry to his position with a majority vote of 93 against the 43 votes needed will allow them to make good on their new chairs promises for a Langwith that allows all members to immerse themselves in any kind of sport, either "new, fun" or plain "silly".

The welfare positions were occupied by candidates Lauren Bray and Jordan Lloyd with a vote of 111 over the needed 82 votes.

The results are as follows:

Ordinary Members
Amy White and Genny Dimoline.

Alicja Heisig and Diederik van Wersch.

Off Campus
Elliot Weatherall & Jason Brandwood

Equipment Rep
Joe Rees-Jones

Web Rep
Tom Bourne

Katherine Hignett & Sophie York

Environment and Ethics
Ellie Hendy

Lee Cook & Sam Prime

Andy Hutt, Sam Morley, Cassandra Brown, Jess Paisley

Ed Kent, Ollie Craven, Joel Shenton, Ewan Dennis

Johanna Child, Katie Bishop, Sofie-Eliza Price, Bethany Leslie

Luke Holbrook & Oliver Williamson

Lauren Bray & Jordan Lloyd

Kieran Douglas

Marinus Maris

Craig Burnell and Jason Brandwood

Jack Baker

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Sahar Moodfroth Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Where are the Alcuin results? Oh wait, they're conveniently on Vision's site...


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