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James JCRC results announced

James College JCRC results have been announced with Laura Watson being elected as the 2012 Chair

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Members of James College gathered to hear the results of the recent JCRC elections on Monday night at the Royal York Hotel, with over 450 James college attending the event.

Laura Watson was elected as the new James College Chair, she said that, "I've never felt so supported". Watson won the election on the second round of voting, in accordance with AV election style, with 241 votes - runner-up Cameron Lane-Ley gained 204 votes.

Watson outlined her hopes for James College next year, which included a greater emphasis on exceptional communication and organisation, which would hopefully lead to greater college participation in all events and subsequently winning as many inter-collegiate competitions as possible.

George Richards, the newly elected James College Vice-Chair, gained 147 votes, securing his position on the JCRC. Dan Ashcroft and Lauren Woodcock won the positions of RAG Officers with 154 votes; and Nina Rawlings, Daniella Irving, Dexter Clarke and Rohit Rana were elected as James College Ents Officers with 175 votes.

Rawlings commented on being elected, saying: "We are very much looking forward to organising varied and exciting events for all of James College."

Alexis De Boeck won he position of International Rep gaining 115 votes, and the Welfare Officer positions were won by Karina Sykora, James Bridge, Josie Ansell and Valerie Yee with 118 votes.

The results are as follows:

Laura Watson

Vice Chair:
George Richards

Student Development Vice Chair:
Rebecca Gray

Welfare Vice Chair:
Luke Spindler

Louise Bond

Hannah Webster

Annual Events Co-Ordinator:
Rebecca Brown

Dariush Thomas-Kamali and Laurie Torrington

Ents Reps:
Nina Rawlings, Dexter Clarke, Rohit Rana, Daniella Irving

Bar Reps:
Tom Keating, Will Adam, Nick Daruwalla, Amy Humphreys

Merchandise Reps:
Clemmie McCallum, Katie Massey, Charlotte Newcombe and Kirushanthan Sivaghanam

Press and Publicity:
Jess Hambly

Welfare Reps:
Karina Sykora, James Bridge, Josie Ansall, Valerie Yee

International Rep:
Alexis De Boeck

21+ Rep:
Nathan Beeb

Access Rep:
Emma Hersey

Sports Reps:
Jade Naylor, James Hope, Jess Nelson, Rory Mercer

Volunteering Rep:
Benjamin Howe

RAG Reps:
Dan Ashcroft, Lauren Woodcock

Eco Rep:
James Scollick

Carl McCallin and Mark Ross-Smith

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