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Halifax election results announced

Halifax announced their new committee team for the next year this week

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The results of Halifax's College Student Association were announced to members of the college this Sunday as part of the College's winter Snowball.

The position of President went to George Offer, who ran unopposed after his rival pulled out early in the campaign. Following a quip from the returning officer that he, "never thought he was going to get it", Offer said he was "looking forward to a great tenth anniversary for Halifax". In his campaign he had promised to extend the opening hours of the college's Costcutter and to revitalise the common room, JJ's, as a social hub for Halifax.

Having defeated Jonathan Pask to become Vice Presidents of Events, Neil Dodd said that he was "delighted to be elected Vice-President of Events" and that he, "can't wait to start my new role." He added that one thing he was enthusiastic to do was to, "provide a way for students to have their say, not only on what events should be run, but how they can be improved."

The close-run competition for Entertainments Officers was won by the three-strong ticket of Matthew Stallworthy, Marian Lilly and Charlie Gadd. Stallworthy said the three of them were thrilled to be elected and that they "hope to bring new and original events to Halifax" and that they would like to arrange "something extra special this year to celebrate Halifax's 10th Anniversary".

There had been concern during the campaign over the lack of publicity and engagement seen in the elections, with many candidates unopposed and some victors not even being present at the ball to accept their new positions. Dodd commented that he didn't think the elections had been well publicised and that, "it's always a shame when college spirit and commitment looks low" but that "hopefully that will change in next two terms".

Stallworthy added that overall he felt "the elections went well", but said that the "seeming lack of advertisement" for the elections and other college events was something that would have to be addressed by the new committee.

The results are as follows:

George Offer

Vice President (Ents)
Neil Dodd

Ordinary Officer
Lily Greenwood

Jan Mohandas

Sponsorship Officer
Josh Hawker

St Lawrence Court Officer
Tom Wilmot-Josfie

Common Room Officer
Matt Dudley

Entertainment Officers
Matthew Stallworthy, Marian Lilly, and Charlie Gadd

Female Sports Officer
Sally 'Dolly' Dalton

Press and Publicity
Rebecca Ojumu

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1 Comment

George Offer Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

To correct the above;
There were two vice-president positions available, both Neil Dodd AND Jonathan Pask were elected, not just Neil as written above
well done to them both,


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