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Vanbrugh JCRC elections announced

The Vanbrugh JCRC 2012 team was announced at their Volume event on Friday night with Matt Stephenson winning the position of Chair

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Vanbrugh's own Volume event hosted the announcing of the college's JCRC team for the next year with a large crowd gathering to hear the results from the front of the dance-floor.

Matt Stevenson narrowly took the role of Chair on the second round of voting with 201 votes. The heavily contested position saw Charlie Knox earn 178 votes, Feargus Hosking-Jervis 139 votes and Adam Lewis 110 votes. The audience responded to the announcement by applauding and lifting Matt up over the crowd.

Stevenson was quick to praise the other candidates saying that they had done, "an amazing job at campaigning" and vowed to work hard to "give Vanbrugh what it deserves".

Ben Rodin took the job of being Vice-Chair with 160 votes. Rodin was enthusiastic to to begin working with a committee "with so many different strengths". The position of Male Welfare was closely contested with Jamie Beckett overcoming rivals Steve Lowler and James Allanson with 174 votes. Lowler expressed disappointment at not winning the role but wished his rival the best of luck and admitted that he was "very happy to lose to Jamie".

Flo Laino, elected Sponsorship Representative alongside Charly Hancock and Ray Mahmood, promised to endeavor to "promote to get the best opportunities for Vanbrugh". She commented that the incoming JCRC "has a wonderful balance of personalities" and "shows the spirit of the college."

Daniel Whitmore beat Sam Malone to be elected the new treasurer with 180 votes to 115. He agreed with the many other newly appointed committee members in saying "everyone who should have won, won".

Adam Lewis however, commented that the controversy over application dates for roles earlier in the process left him at a disadvantage. He stated: "I never really had time to prepare and campaign fully" but he did not blame any other candidates for the situation, instead expressing, "I feel I've let down myself and all my voters."

The general feel among the crowd was jubilant with singing and dancing. The new Secretary- Sophie Easterby-Smith- exclaimed that the
night was "possibly the happiest moment of [her] life"

The results are as follows:


Matthew Stephenson

Vice Chair for Entertainment and Services:
Ben Rodin

Vice Chair for Welfare:
Kate Elliott

Daniel Whitmore

Sophie Easterby-Smith

Sponsorship Reps:
Charlotte, Ray & Florence

Press and Publicity Reps:
Carys, Emily, William & Olivier

Rag Offciers:
Hannah & Kate

Sports Reps:
Tom Frost, Laura Perez, Mike Hawkes, Megan Phillips

Bar Reps:
Fred, Allison, Joe and Fabiana

Ents Reps:
George, Jo, Christina Shirley, Harry and Libby

LePage Rep:
Daniel Watts

Eric Milner A Rep:
Eleanor Smart

Wentworth E Rep:

Fairfax Merch Rep:
Charlie Pottle

Fairfax Social Sec:
Matt Thorns

Fairfax House Chair:
Matt Newman

Music Rep:
Sarah Norvock

Environment and Campaigns Officers:
Josiah Mortimer

Merchandise Reps:
Sorcha & Yemi

David Lindley

Off campus Rep:
Phillip Watson

Overseas Rep:
Vanessa-Jane Villanueva

Jacob Wright-ODonnell

Disabilities & Access Rep:
Katie Meyrick

Female Welfare Rep:
Pippa Henstock

Male Welfare Rep:
Jamie Beckett

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