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Goodricke JCRC election results announced

The Goodricke JCRC announced their new team for 2012 this week

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Goodricke students gathered at the top floor of Yates to see the announcement of the results of their JCRC election on Tuesday night. The close run campaign for chair ended with Emily Miller being elected with 238 votes and the only other candidate, George Davis, winning only 84.

Christina Oulton, Elleanor Utting, Emily Hogan and Millie Jones were appointed to the position of Rag Officers and Joshua Henning took the position of Secretary. Megan Cross was elected Vice-Chair of services with 154 votes.

O'Shaughness was voted in with 121 votes on the second round of the AV style election process, only 3 more than Carney, leading to the loudest cheering of the night. Afterwards he said he felt "fantastic but upset that it had to come out of such controversy".

Nacho Hernando, the now former Goodricke Chair, praised the evening and everyone who was voted in, commenting: "We've elected a committee that is very strong. They will outshine us in every way."

Hernando also added his support for Tom Martin who, "has been an amazing Returning Officer, he is due much credit for tonight."

The new chair ended the evening by saying she was, "really, really pleased, not just for [herself] but for the whole team" and expressed her excitement at working with "such a strong committee" for the next year.

The results are as follows:

Emily Miller

Vice Chair for Democracy and Welfare
Liam O'Shaughnessy

Vice Chair for Services
Megan Cross

Male Welfare Officer
John Lamb

Female Welfare Officer
Paula Gallagher

Harry Clementson

Joshua Henning

International Officers
Aniket Datta and Sope Adekola

RAG Officers
Christina Oulton, Eleanor Utting, Emily Hogan and Millie Jones

LGBT Officer
Josie Field

Sports Officers
Tom Merriman and Ben Crawley

Entertainments Officers
Hannah Kennedy and Emily Hopkins

Bar Officers
Alex McDonald and Josh Douglas

Social Officer
Mason Gurney

Newsletter Officers
Adam Rolewicz and Devi Bridglal

Volunteering Officers
Doris Llumigusin, Henna Ishaq and Katy Mills

Sponsorship Officers
Tom Wilkinson

Technical Officers
Karl Jones, Oli Loftus, Russell Joyce and Liam McDaid

Marketing Officers
Ahmed Farooq and Joanna Athanasi

Merchandise Officers
Joseph Sako and Lauren Hunter

Baker Court Representatives
Matthew Ayres and Sarah Harvey

Sheldon Court Representatives
Danny Philpot and Jessica Britland

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Name (required) Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

well done goodricke. shame james carney only got to campaign for one day after the bans and his eventual all but self removal from the race through protest. bigger things lie ahead for him. liam o'shaugnessy is the rightful winner for the position though however it occurred and will do a fine job. the committee looks very strong welfare which is only going to be a good thing. here's to a fantastic year.


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