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Goodricke JCRC Hustings

The Goodricke JCRC Hustings took place this week, with three candidates running for the position of Chair

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On Wednesday night Goodricke College held its JCRC Hustings event in Langwith's Courtyard bar. Candidates for each office were given ninety seconds to make their speeches before being asked questions from the audience and set a challenge by current Goodricke Chair Nacho Hernando.

Two candidates are running for the position of Chair, Elena Miller and George Davis. Goodricke's current Welfare Representative, Elena Miller, emphasised her experience over the last year. She also advocated formalising the relationship between the college Provost and the welfare team and said she would take college issues to the University or YUSU if it were necessary but stated her belief that most issues could be resolved in-house. Conversely former Ordinary Member George Davis pledged to maintain a good relationship with the University "big-wigs" but stand up to them when necessary. He also pledged to bring back the position of Ordinary Members to the JCRC, which have disappeared this year. George Davis also promised to campaign at Heslington Hall to fix the "unacceptable" cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens at Goodricke. The dire state of the cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms at Goodricke College was a common theme throughout the night and was brought up be many candidates running for various different offices.

The other key issue brought up by several candidates was the creation of a stronger community at Goodricke College and Heslington East with more events such as film nights with free pizza on the new campus and as a way of ending the perceived divide by drinking and non-drinking events and create "welfare events for everyone". The aim is to strengthen the sense of community at Heslington East, especially as Langwith College is to be based there from next year, and prevent members of colleges based on Heslington East to have to travel to Heslington West for their social lives.

Positions and Candidates:

Emily Miller
George Davis
Hannah Kennedy

Vice Chair for Democracy and Welfare
Fathma Khalid
James Carney
Liam O'Shaughnessy

Vice Chair for Services
Megan Cross

Joshua Henning

Greg Hinds
Harry Clementson
Joshua Wright
Phoebe Collier

Baker Court Representative
Matthew Ayres
Sarah Harvey

Bar(less) Officer
Alex McDonald and Josh Douglas
Sara Potisk and Georgia Street

Entertainments Officer
Hannah Kennedy and Emily Hopkins

Female Welfare Officer
Emily Jones
Farah Padmanabhan
Paula Gallagher
Rebecca Potter

International Officer
Aniket Datta
Sope Adekola

LGBT Officer
Josie Field

Male Welfare Officer
John Lamb
Max Dyck

Marketing Officer
Ahmed Farooq
Joanna Athanasi

Merchandise Officer
Joseph Sako and Lauren Hunter
Rana Akhundlu

Newsletter Officer
Adam Rolewicz and Devi Bridglal
Aileen Steel and Lydia Harrison

RAG Officer
Chrissie Baker
Christina Oulton
Eleanor Utting
Emily Hogan
Millie Jones

Sheldon Court Representative
Danny Philpot
Elsie Cinnamond
Jessica Britland
Koren Randell

Social Officer
Mason Gurney

Sponsorship Officer
Tom Wilkinson

Sports Officer
Tom Merriman and Ben Crawley

Technical Officer
Karl Jones
Oli Loftus
Russell Joyce and Liam McDaid

Volunteering Officer
Doris Llumigusin
Henna Ishaq
Katy Mills

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3 Comment

Confused Goodricker Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Who is this Elena Miller and how does she magically change her name through the article to Emily? Good one Nouse...


Oliver Blackburn Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Two candidates are running for the position of Chair, Elena Miller and George Davis.

You've clearly listed three in the detailed list, what about Hannah Kennedy?


Confused Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Elena Miller? Poor reporting on a poor event. I enjoyed the VC candidate promise to make my morning after better than the night before though.


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