Halifax JCRC Hustings

The Halifax JCRC Hustings took place with only one candidate standing for the position of President

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Halifax College JCRC elections are well under way after hustings were held last night. The event hosted by last year's committee allowed candidates to put forward their policies and try to convince their fellow Halifax members they were the right person for each position.

For York's biggest college one of the more important positions was that of Entertainment Officer. This position attracted a large number of candidates who put forward a range of ideas on how to improve entertainment in Halifax. These ideas included, more trips to Leeds and more T-shirted events, improving JJ's and court parties. There were also suggestions to have more events with other colleges which could help to secure big name acts like Kissy Sell Out and Liock Essien who performed at Halifax's Fresher's Fortnight this year. Of particular interest to all 'Faxers' is that all candidates are planning big celebrations for the 10th anniversary of Halifax College later this year.

Among the two candidates for the Vice President of Ents positions there was agreement that JJ's had a lot of potential and to have a huge event for the 10th anniversary celebrations. They further built on the ideas the candidates for entertainment officer had put forward.

George Offer was the only candidate standing for College President after his rival pulled out of the race. However he used the Hustings to promote his manifesto and get his message across to the college.

Offer has plans to extend the opening times of the Halifax Costcutter by an hour to 8pm each night.

He is also aiming to revitalise JJ's as the hub of the college's social activities with regular events.

YUSU have agreed to give Halifax use of their mobile bar for certain events but Offer said there is no prospect of a permanent bar in the near future.

Offer also stressed that he wanted to unite the whole college and encourage second and third year students to get involved. One way he aims to achieve this is by giving them access to JJ's.

The Presidential candidate said he would also like to have more brand events attracting big name acts and more "Fax Off" events taking the college on socials outside York. As well as these ideas Offer wants it to be a great social year for the college with the 10th anniversary "Faxival" being the event to look forward to.

He is also keen to connect with the whole college giving more funding to international integration and organising more non-alcoholic events in JJ's.

Finally Offer wants to create a college mascot to give Halifax an identity and reinforce unity at all college events.

Voting is now open and the results will be announced at the college's Snow Ball.

Positions and Candidates:

George Offer

Vice President (Ents)
Jonathan Pask
Neil Dodd

Ordinary Officer
Lily Greenwood

Female Welfare Officer
Shumaila Shakoor
Weiyi Xie (Lucy)

Jan Mohandas

Sponsorship Officer
Josh Hawker

St Lawrence Court Officer
Tom Wilmot-Josfie

Common Room Officer
Matt Dudley

Halifax Entertainment Officers
Matt Winstanley
Matthew Stallworthy, Marian Lilly, and Charlie Gadd
Niamh Connolly
Sacha Bull and Lauren Palmer

Female Sports Officer
Sally 'Dolly' Dalton

Press and Publicity
Rebecca Ojumu

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4 Comment

Halifax Observer Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

This has gone to be one of the smallest candidate lists for Halifax in quite a while; a reflection no doubt on this year's senior positions on the current HCSA


Faxer Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Sharpy for President!


Halifax Ordinary Member Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

There are contested positions that have not been mentioned in this article - the treasurer is a contested position that has three candidates running, as an example.

"A reflection no doubt on this year's senior positions on the current HCSA".

If you were actually aware of what has been achieved this year you would not be saying such nonsense!

Elections haven't been promoted greatly but this does not have anything to do with senior positions on the current HCSA.


Oliver Blackburn Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

"Elections haven't been promoted greatly but this does not have anything to do with senior positions on the current HCSA."

No? I rather thought running the elections was their job. Who else would you say is responsible?


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