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Vanbrugh Chair debate

The Vanbrugh JCRC Chair candidates gathered in V-bar on Monday night at a debate hosted by URY

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The four candidates for the position of Vanbrugh College JCRC Chair met in V-bar this Monday to have a debate about their policies. University Radio York (URY) hosted the event, interviewing the nominees and opening the floor up to questions from the audience.

Before the debate began Matt Stevenson said he felt, "Very, very good. It's my chance to shine and show what makes a future Vanbrugh chair". During the debate Stevenson defended his main policy to re-open 24 hour porters desk despite the current chair questioning how much research had been done on the issue.

The candidates took the opportunity to explain some of their main policies. Charlie Knox highlighted throughout the night her intention to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote large scale college events.

At one point Nathan Marks, one of the current Sponsorship Representatives, accused Fergus Hosking-Jervis of shirking responsibilities and failing to attend meetings last year. Afterwards Fergus commented: "I entered half-way through term two and left at the start of this year so was only on the JCRC for 25% of meetings".

Adam Lewis, when asked about his feelings before the debate, said that: "To be honest, [I am] quite hungry." However, his intent to improve college sport was more serious as he insisted that he would attempt to bring fringe sports up to scratch and include them in the college.

Kallum Taylor, the incumbent Vanbrugh Chair, showed enthusiasm for the event hoping it would be helpful to the potential voters. Regarding the interviewees he warned that although, "all spoke well, there are serious concerns about some candidates costings for policies".

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Nathan Marks Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

you completely missed my point...


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