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Derwent JCRC Hustings

Derwent College held its 2011 JCRC Hustings event in D-bar on Tuesday night, voting closes on Friday

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Derwent College held its JCRC Hustings event on Tuesday night with five candidates running for the position of chair this year.

Candidates partook in an array of challenges under the supervision of the evening's hosts, Ben Woolley and Greg Brocklehurst, the current vice chairs.

The expansion of Derwent into Langwith next year, the future of Club D social events and D bar were high on the agenda of each of the running chairs. Harry Pampiglione vowed to "Keep Derwent spirit alive" and proposed the introduction of a free Derwent Card, which would secure college members deals with local restaurants and businesses. Chesca Knight promised to "fight for the survival of events in D bar" and the creation of a "more accessible JCRC".

This years Rag contenders Adam Seldon and Hayley Carr roused the crowd and pledged their commitment to making Derwent, "the most charitable college in the UK." While Volunteering candidates Kate Bowden, Annabel Howarth, offered a new drop in service as a means of "linking all years with YUSU". Webmaster hopeful Hugo Brook revealed he hopes to create a system in which York media stories that effect Derwent, appear automatically on its website.

The campaigning is fierce as candidates have till Friday to rally support and secure their positions. Voting opens at midday on Wednesday Week 8 and the results will be announced on Friday Week 8.

Positions and Candidates:

Flavio Newcomb
Edward Schwitzer
Harry Pampiglione
Chesca Knight
Harry Dorrance King

Louis Glassar and Lorin Bell-Cross
Beth Finnie and Lucy Hoban

Eco Officer
Tom Beck

Ellen Blake and Katherine Hannah

Welfare Officers
Andy Pickard and kitty Tester
Ellie Roberts and Joe Rawcliffe
Katy Tinman and Ben Clynes
Millie Lawrence and Jol Hutchings

RAG Officers
Hayley Carr and Adam Seldon
Hope Schlesinger and Jess Wragg

Sponsorship Officers
Will Ingram and Dan Perry

Sports Officers
Phil Hammick, Marte Retzius, Will Orchard and Simon Varley

Volunteering Officers
Kate Bowden, Annabel Howarth
Federica Turne and Madeleine Croucher

Merchandise Officers
Hannah Carter and Rachel Brooks

Ents Officers
Agatha Torrance Charli Rose Lees, Emma Sanderson, Jonjo Lowe
India Block, Caitlin O'Kelly, Will Sharples, Lucus Collins

International Welfare Officers
Anna Laming and Will Schoenmaker
Victor Bernard and Geetha Ravindran

Anmoli Sodha

Press and Publicity Officers
Daniel Drema and Sophie Alder

Ordinary Member
Tim Johnston
Hugo Brook

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