James JCRC Hustings

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James College JCRC election hustings commenced last night following a well-attended evening of speeches and challenges.

Following a briefing by current members of the committee on what constituted fair campaigning, the Hustings were underway.

This year, the position of chair will be fought out by 3 candidates: Cameron Lane-Ley, Gibson Oluwafemi Michael, and Laura Watson. Each candidate delivered a strong speech, developing certain themes. Lane-Ley talked of 'rekindling the college spirit', whilst Watson wanted to encourage 'communication and organisation'. Finally Micheal desired a 'Chicken Friday', a proposal to encourage the consumption of chicken on Fridays, which was predictably met with laughter and applause.

Those running for Chair were faced with the most gruesome challenge of the night: downing a 'Dirty Pint'. This was a concoction of Murphy's, Sambuca, Lemon Juice, VK Blue and Cherry Brandy. Michael emerged as the victor to tumultuous applause.

Other candidates for JCRC positions gave a 2 minute speech stating why they should be nominated. This was followed by a variety of humorous challenges. These came in the form of a dance by the prospective Annual Event's Reps, an explanation of where babies come from by the prospective Welfare Reps, and several alcohol-related tasks.

The atmosphere remained strong throughout the night, with a sense of collegiate solidarity present. The rapturous applause for every candidate who delivered a speech demonstrated strong support across the college for all the candidates, suggesting a highly competitive election.

Voting opens on Wednesday Week 8 and closes on Monday Week 9. Results are set to be announced at the James College Christmas Formal on Monday Week 10.

Positions and Candidates:

Cameron Lane-Ley
Gibson Oluwafemi Michael (aka Candy)
Laura Watson

Services Vice Chair
George Richards

Welfare Vice Chair
Luke Spindler

Kingma Ma
Louise Bond
Matthew Collins
Phillip Morgan
Robert Bartlett

Nina Rawlings, Dexter Clarke, Rohit Rana, Daniella Irving
Saskia Beazley

Nathan Beebe

Emma Hersey

Annual Events
Rebecca Brown

Anna Johnstone, Ali Ford, Amelia Haynes, Oskar Lepage
Briony Cartmell, Callum Morgan, Sam Killbery
Natalie Turner, Becky Berrington, Samantha Walters
Tom Keating, Will Adam, Nick Daruwalla, Amy Humphreys

James Scollick

Carl McCallin, Mark Ross-Smith
Liam Tollinton

Alexis De Boeck, Ankita Gangotra
Yesha Agrawal

Clemmie McCallum, Katie Massey, Charlotte Newcombe, Kirushanthan Sivagnanam
Katharina Otto, Sarah Tasker, Steph Lawton

Press and publicity
Hannah Allies, Isabel Gruber
Jess Hambly

Cesca Cooke, Poppy Bullard
Dan Ashcroft, Lauren Woodcock
Ellie Todd

Hannah Webster

Laurie Torrington, Dariush Thomas Kamali
Susie Brunswick

Jade Naylor, James Hope, Jess Nelson, Rory Mercer

Student Development Vice Chair
Rebecca Gray

Ben Howe

Karina Sykora, James Bridge, Josie Ansell, Valerie Yee

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Emma H Posted on Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Student Development Vice Chair should probably be up the top with the other two vices, seems only fair!


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